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“Wow!” Gu Nuoer was the first to exclaim, “Elder Brother Siming is really amazing.”

There was no admiration on Gu Yihans face.

He only said indifferently, “This is just the beginning.

To protect Nuoer well, we have to train him strictly.”

Gu Nuoer looked at her father with her big eyes and said softly, “Father, can you not treat Elder Brother Siming like this Nuoer wants to be friends with him and not be in a master-servant relationship with him.

Dont train him.”

Her small hand shook Gu Yihans sleeve.

“Hes a living human, not one of those ferocious beasts that Father raises.”

Gu Yihan didnt like to be refuted, but Gu Nuoer was an exception.

At this moment, he only pinched Gu Nuoers small face dotingly.

“Baby Nuo, Father is also doing this for you.

If I dont nurture Ye Siming into the most powerful guard, how would he be able to protect you”

Gu Nuoers bright eyes darted around and she said in a childish voice, “Then… even the most powerful guard has to be one to my liking too.

“Father, why dont you let Elder Brother Siming follow me Ill interact more with him.

Its more important than training Elder Brother Siming!”

Gu Yihan looked down at her and smiled.

“Smart girl, well do as you say.”


He waved his hand and called for Eunuch Chunshou to give him the order.

“Originally, I wanted to let Ye Siming enter the palace to practice martial arts every three days, but since Princess has other thoughts…

“Let Ye Siming enter the palace once every five days and spend more time with the princess.

I also want to see his temper and nature.”

Eunuch Chunshou lowered his head.

“Yes, this servant will pass the order to General Bai now.”

After the eunuch left, Gu Yihan smiled dotingly and said, “Nuoer, I heard from your mother that you were practicing calligraphy previously.

Let Father see what youve been practicing”

Gu Nuoer immediately put down the small spoon and stepped on Gu Yihans throne, reaching out her small hand to grab the brush.

Her hands were too small and the wolf hair brush Gu Yihan had used for the memorials was held in her hands with difficulty.

However, Gu Nuoer lowered her head seriously and wrote on the paper,Love Mother.

Gu Yihan stared at the words and narrowed his eyes.

“Your mother taught you this”


Gu Nuoer nodded obediently.

“Yes! Mother said that I should practice the simpler ones first before learning the difficult ones.”

After saying that, the child puffed up her cheeks.

“Oh, it isnt very difficult.

When I was two years old, I learned more from Second Brothers teacher!”

Gu Yihan immediately held Gu Nuoers small hand.

“Baby Nuo, Ill teach you how to write the wordsLove Father the most today.”


Gu Nuoer tilted her head, her eyes shining.

“I know how to!”

“No, write it in front of Father.”

While the father and daughter were enjoying themselves, the censor, Lord Zhang, requested to meet the emperor.

The Censorate was responsible for impeaching all officials and correcting their mistakes.

When the eunuch came to report, Gu Yihan didnt even raise his head.

He was holding Gu Nuoers small hand and writing the words, stroke by stroke.

When he heard that Censor Zhang wanted to see him, he didnt even raise his head.

“No, Im very busy now.”

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Lord Zhang seemed to have heard the emperors rejection and reported loudly, “Your Majesty! Theres a lead on the matter of the dark gold that you asked this subject to investigate!”

Gu Yihans hand paused.

Gu Nuoer was very obedient.

She raised her head and said softly, “Father, you can go get work done first.

Nuoer knows how to write these few words.”

However, Gu Yihan bent down, his handsome eyes filled with a proud smile.

“Baby Nuo, do you want to go see a bad guy with Father and snatch all his money to buy candies for you”

Gu Nuoers eyes lit up.

“Does the bad guy have a lot of money”

Gu Yihan nodded.

“He lied to many people, so Father plans to take it back.

How about Baby Nuo go with Father”


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