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328 Brat, Youre Not Allowed to Call Me Old Bai in the Future

The wolves on the mountain were actually all running wildly in their direction.

Bai Yi shouted, “Siming, run—!”

Otherwise, in the sandwiched predicament, they would definitely have to pay a painful price on this trip.

Bai Yi subconsciously wanted to save Ye Simings life.

However, the boy did not move.

He stood there with his blade like a reef in the dark night, exuding a dangerous coldness.

Wild wolves pounced from all directions as if they had smelled the smell of blood here.

They lunged at the mountain bandits beside Bai Yi.

Crazy biting sounds and screams resounded in the mountains.

Bai Yi saw the most terrifying scene he had ever seen.

Some of the mountain bandits were bitten by two wolves until their bodies were incomplete.

Some of them were even dragged into the forest!

It was raining and the mountain bandits couldnt light torches even if they wanted to.

The strangest thing was that the wolves had all bypassed Ye Siming.

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After the wolf pack quickly dealt with some mountain bandits, they suddenly left again.

Some of them didnt forget to drag away the broken limbs and remains.

Before the remaining bandits could come back to their senses, they were dealt with by Ye Siming.

In the end, Bai Yi had no strength left and there were many wounds on his body.

The blood that flowed out of his body mixed with the raindrops and gathered into a meandering red stream.

He fell to the ground and watched as Ye Siming stepped over the mountains of corpses and seas of blood, walking towards him.

At the last moment before Bai Yi fainted, he vaguely saw the huge black shadow behind Ye Siming flicker again.

Now that he thought about it, he didnt know if he had seen it wrongly or if it was real.

Why did the wolf pack come so quickly and suddenly

At this moment, the tent was lifted and Ye Siming returned.

Madam Bai quickly stood up.

“Your foster father was still talking about you just now.

He keeps feeling worried that youd hurt yourself and hold it in by yourself.”

Ye Siming grabbed his collar and sniffed.

When he was carrying Gu Nuoer just now, she was sleeping soundly on his shoulder.

She left behind some of her sweet milk fragrance.

Unfortunately, these clothes were stained with blood and couldnt be worn anymore.

Ye Siming was thinking about something and nodded indifferently at Madam Bais words.

Madam Bai planned to go and see the other soldiers, so she let Ye Siming accompany Bai Yi here for a while.

Bai Yis eyes were open, looking like he couldnt fall asleep.

“Siming…” His voice was hoarse.

“Go with me to the palace to meet the emperor tomorrow.”

Ye Siming dragged a chair over with a lazy gaze.

“So fast Can your body take it”

Bai Yi nodded.

“The mission has been completed and it should be reported to His Majesty immediately.

Therefore, we cant delay it.”

Ye Siming didnt say anything else.

In the end, Bai Yi couldnt help but ask, “Did those wolves that bit the mountain bandits to death… come because of you”

Ye Simings fingertips, which were initially gently tapping on his knee, paused when he heard this.

His slightly lowered eyes were filled with a thick black color, making it impossible to see clearly or figure out this youth.

“Have you forgotten that Im someone who crawled out of a wolf pack I was like this in Yaoxia.

This is only your first time seeing it.”

So that was how it was…

He let out a sigh.

It was good that Ye Siming wasnt injured.

Bai Yi slowly closed his eyes again, but after a while, he thought of something and said in a hoarse voice, “Siming…”

Ye Siming finally lost his patience and frowned.

“I saw the injured soldiers sleeping soundly outside.

Why are you still so energetic”

Bai Yi was speechless.

He said softly, “I just want to tell you… Brat, youre not allowed to call me Old Bai in the future! Thats so rude!”

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