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327 This Little Killing God That Suddenly Appeared

Madam Bai smoothed his back and said, “Its getting late.

The princess came to visit you just now but fell asleep.

Siming sent her back to the Grace Defender Duke Manor.”

She looked at her husbands injured appearance and her heart ached.

“You dont have to worry so much now.

Siming is fine.

Ive also let the imperial physician take a look just now.

Hes not injured.

You can rest at ease.”

Bai Yi slowly lay down and closed his eyes, letting out a long sigh.

His mind was filled with fragments.

He didnt know if it was his imagination or if it was real.

That day, after Ye Siming went to check on the enemy, they stayed in the cave.

Bai Yi heard the sounds of fighting coming from afar, but the rain was rumbling.

He wasnt sure if it was Ye Siming fighting with the mountain bandits.

At this moment, Song Qiyuan was getting impatient from waiting and wanted to lead the troops out.

He was afraid that Ye Siming would snatch the credit for himself.

Bai Yi tried his best to persuade him, but Song Qiyuan refused to listen and insisted on doing things his own way.

He even had a conflict with Bai Yi!

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He said that Bai Yi was a general in vain and was timid in doing things.

Bai Yis soldiers were furious and did not want to see the general being slandered.

Therefore, they quarreled with Song Qiyuans men.

In a fit of anger, Song Qiyuan led his soldiers in the direction Ye Siming had left.

Unexpectedly, they encountered an ambush!

His soldiers quickly turned around to seek Bai Yis help.

Bai Yi would not leave them in the lurch and naturally brought the soldiers to help.

Unexpectedly, this was a trap set up by the mountain bandits.

Bai Yi and the others were caught in all sorts of ambushes and traps!

As for why the mountain bandits knew their locations clearly…

In the end, it was also because the village woman who had been injured previously was actually a spy for the mountain bandits!

Not only did Song Qiyuan get into big trouble, but he also got himself covered in injuries.

Although he was skilled in martial arts, he could not take on ten people alone.

The mountain bandits were also extremely vicious.

After a while, Song Qiyuan fell into a pool of blood.

If Bai Yi hadnt rushed over to protect him, Song Qiyuan would have died under the bandits blade!

Bai Yi was seriously injured.

In order to protect Song Qiyuan and the soldiers, he was already covered in wounds!

However, just as he was about to collapse from exhaustion…

Ye Siming came back with a blade and was covered in blood.

After he joined the battle, the mountain bandits were clearly slowly pushed back!

Ye Simings movements were swift.

When he moved his blade, he didnt even blink.

He only felt frustrated and wanted to end everything quickly.

He killed people as easily as chopping vegetables with a hint of impatience.

When the mountain bandits saw that the situation was not right, they simply gave up on fighting Ye Siming!

They knew that General Bai had brought his troops here to annihilate them!

In that case, they would kill the general first and cause the morale to be in chaos.

Would they still be afraid of this little killing god that suddenly appeared

Therefore, a few mountain bandits were tasked with stalling Ye Siming.

The remaining few turned around and surrounded Bai Yi.

Bai Yi staggered up and held his blade worriedly, seeming to still want to drag his injured body to help Ye Siming!

Ye Siming frowned and scolded him in a cold voice, “Old Bai, why arent you leaving”

This brat… actually dared to call him that.

A cold light flashed in Bai Yis eyes as the bandit stabbed at him with a saber.

Ye Siming wanted to go forward, but the bandits seemed to not care about their lives and pounced forward to hold him back.

It seemed that they were determined to take Bai Yis life!

Ye Siming became completely impatient.

The youth gritted his teeth slightly, his gaze turning cold.


Bai Yi didnt know if it was his imagination, but he seemed to have seen an especially big shadow suddenly flash past behind Ye Siming.

Immediately after, wolf howls sounded around them.


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