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From the corner of her eye, Noble Consort Qiao saw the child move.

She turned around and saw Gu Nuoer lying down, hiding the parts of her small face from her nose onward under the blanket.

Only a pair of big eyes that were as clear as glass were revealed, blinking, as she listened to them quietly.


Noble Consort Qiao quickly coughed lightly.

Gu Yihan understood and looked to the side.

Just now, his eyes were filled with killing intent.

Now that he saw his daughters soft and fair face, Gu Yihan immediately smiled dotingly.

“Baby Nuo has woken up Let Father carry you.”

The child was carried in Gu Yihans arms.

Her pink lips were like two peach blossom petals, sparkling and pink.

“Father, when can we return to the palace”

“Father has already arranged for the imperial guards to clear the path.

We can leave in about four hours.

Baby Nuo must be anxious from waiting, right”

Gu Nuoer shook her head and said in an obedient and soft tone, “Theres no hurry.

As long as Im with Father and Mother, Baby Nuo can go anywhere!”

Gu Yihan and Noble Consort Qiao were amused by her and kept saying that she was smart.

At this moment, Gu Nuoer sniffed.

“It smells so good.

What is it”

Gu Yihan said, “When Father came back just now, I saw Ye Siming setting up a fire to roast meat.

If youre hungry, how about Father carry you over to try it”

When Gu Nuoer heard this, her eyes immediately lit up.

“Meat! Father, carry! Baby Nuo wants to go.”

How could she have forgotten In the beginning, she had gone up the mountain with Elder Brother Siming to catch pheasants to eat!

Gu Yihan brought Gu Nuoer out of the carriage.

At this moment, the child saw a cluster of flames burning brightly in the middle of an empty space.

On the shelf, two pheasants were skewered with tree branches.

They were roasted until they were glistening and sizzling!

Gu Nuoers stomach let out a rumbling sound at the right time.

Ye Siming lowered his head and was adding firewood.

Jiang Xiaoran stood at the side and begged without any care for his image, “Siming, Im hungry too.

Why dont you give me a chicken wing to have a taste”

“No,” Ye Siming replied coldly.

Jiang Xiaorans heart ached.

“Ive been sleeping until now and havent eaten anything! Now, were even trapped in the mountains.

Sigh, are you really not going to take pity on me and give me a little”


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