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Madam Xie looked very unhappy and glanced at Xie Xingli.

Perhaps because the princess was present, she couldnt say anything and could only turn around and go out to give instructions.

Not long later, her maid brought in two strong male servants.

The servants had just approached the little girl lying on the ground when Gu Nuoer waved her small hand and called for them to stop.

Xie Xingli quickly asked, “Your Highness, do you have any other instructions”

Gu Nuoer looked up at him, her big eyes filled with innocence and confusion.

“Uncle Xie, this older sister is your eldest daughter after all, and is also the young miss of your Xie Manor.

How can you let male outsiders touch her body”

To think that he needed to be told such simple rules and principles by a three-year-old girl.

Xie Xingli immediately felt embarrassed.

He secretly gave Madam Xie a reproachful glance and then smiled apologetically at Gu Nuoer.

“This subject didnt think things through.”

The old nanny who had been protecting Eldest Young Miss Xie earlier quickly said, “This servant can carry Eldest Miss up alone.”

As she spoke, she bent down and picked up Eldest Miss Xie.

Gu Nuoer saw that this nanny seemed to be old and it was a little difficult for her to carry Eldest Young Miss Xie.

However, the nanny still endured the hardship and exhaustion and carried Eldest Miss Xie to the bed.

When Madam Xie saw this, her lips curled into a cold smile.

“Why didnt you do it yourself earlier Why did you have to wait till so many people were mobilized”

When Xie Xingli heard this, he glared at her.

The princess was still around.

Why was she making a fool of herself in front of everyone!

Gu Nuoer had her back facing them and pretended not to hear them.

She walked to the bed and saw that Eldest Young Miss Xies eyes were closed and she was frowning slightly.

Gu Nuoer climbed onto a stool at the side and waved her small hand.

“Ill sit here for a while and maybe Ill know whats going on.

However, there mustnt be anyone to disturb me.

Thats why, Uncle Xie, you guys can go out.”

Xie Xingli hesitated for a moment before nodding.

Madam Xie sized up Gu Nuoer even more suspiciously.

She pretended to smile worriedly and said, “Your Highness, youre still young.

Were also worried about you being here alone.

The Eldest Young Miss can go berserk and hurt people at any moment.

If she hurts you, we wont be able to bear the responsibility.”

Gu Nuoer turned to look at her.

Her black eyes were clear as if they could see through peoples hearts.

Her voice was soft.

“Madam Xie, leave.

I dont like for you guys to be here.”

In order not to disturb Gu Nuoer, Xie Xingli quickly pulled his wife and daughter out.

In the end, only the old nanny who seemed to be loyal to Eldest Young Miss Xie was left in the room, unwilling to leave.

She stood by the bed, looking very timid.

“Princess, please let this old servant stay.

At the very least, this old servant can help you.”

Gu Nuoer glanced at her and asked, “Who are you to her”

“Princess, this old servant was left behind by the previous madam to take care of the young miss.

You can just call this old servant Nanny Luo.”

The child fluttered her eyelashes and said in a soft voice, “Nanny Luo, since you were left behind by this older sisters mother, I need you to go and guard the door now.

“Older sister is in a critical moment and we cant let others disturb her, especially those who usually are on bad terms with her.

Do you understand what I mean”

Nanny Luo trembled and looked up at the little princess who was sitting upright in front of her.

The princess had a small body, but her exquisite and beautiful eyes revealed a hint of intelligence.

Nanny Luo hesitated for a moment before nodding and bowed to take her to leave.

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