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Gu Nuoer only left after she was full.

Ye Siming sent her to the door.

She stuck her head out of the carriage and waved at the youth.

Under the morning sun, the child smiled brightly.

Ye Siming heaved a sigh of relief.

She had returned to her previous appearance.

Gu Nuoers listless appearance after drinking last night made him afraid that this fragile little thing had really died.

After Gu Nuoer left, Ye Siming went to get sword practice.

Bai Yi looked at the chicken feathers all over the ground and felt sad.

Madam Bai stroked his shoulder.

“Forget it.

Its for the princess.

You know that Siming likes to hunt… and he has great accuracy in hunting…”

Bai Yi sighed silently.

“Madam is right.

The childs talent mustnt be suppressed.

Help me change.

I have to drag those two spies to court to report this matter to His Majesty.”

In the hall, Bai Yi threw the two spies with swollen faces to the ground in front of the civil and military officials and explained everything to Gu Yihan.

When the officials heard this, they started talking in soft voices.

“This Yaoxia Kingdom is really daring.

They even dare to sneak into General Bais residence.”

“Theyve even been lying in ambush for so long.

Its obvious that theyre despicable and we have to be wary.”

“Your Majesty, this subject advises that its time to send troops out to deal a heavy blow to the Yaoxia Kingdom!”

Almost everyone expressed their opinions, but Gu Yihan sat on the throne with a dark expression and didnt say a word.

In the end, the officials fell silent.

Everyone was waiting for the emperor to make a decision.

Gu Yihan pondered for a moment before finally speaking.

“Do you know what it means when this spy sent by the Yaoxia Kingdom has been hiding in General Bais residence for ten years”

Bai Yi lowered his head, cupped his hands, and confessed, “This subject was careless and allowed a thief to take advantage of this opportunity!”

Gu Yihan shook his head.

“No, it just shows that youre valuable and that theyre wary of you.

Otherwise, why would they have planted spies around you”

Bai Yi was stunned.

He didnt expect the emperor to say this.

For a moment, he didnt know how to respond.

Gu Yihan continued, “Then do you know what it means for a spy who has been hiding for ten years to be found”

The officials fell silent.

Those who knew the emperor well knew what he was about to say.

Gu Yihan suddenly slammed the table and said happily, “This means that my good daughter, Nuoer, is a lucky star!


“She had only gone to Bai Yis manor to play, but she was able to catch a spy who had been hiding for ten years and accidentally exposed their contact.

“Not only did she help me, but she also saved Bai Yi from any future worries! Otherwise, who would have thought that the butler who has been loyal for the past ten years was actually a traitor!”

The officials immediately cupped their hands and shouted, “Your Majesty is wise.

Its our dynastys fortune to be able to have Princess Yaoguang!”

Gu Yihan clapped his hands and laughed.

“Well said!”

He then looked at Bai Yi.

“Hang these two people on the city wall and have them be exposed to the wind and sun! However, the princess was the one who happened to discover this matter about the spies.

“Censorate, write an edict for me and arrange for officials to distribute it in the city! I want everyone to know that wherever Nuoer goes, the place will be blessed with good luck!”

All the officials broke out in a sweat.

However, they were very surprised by the little princesss blessed physique.

How did she do it She could even dig out a spy who had been lying in ambush for ten years with just one trip.

She was simply the most terrifying weapon in the emperors hands!

It was just that these two pitiful spies from the Yaoxia Kingdom were to become dried human meat before they could succeed in anything.

For a moment, the rumors in the city that the little princess had an auspicious aura spread like wildfire and everyone knew about it.

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