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Cailuan covered her face and cried.

“Your Highness, this servant is innocent.

This servant doesnt have the guts to do something like this.”

Noble Consort Qiao sneered.

“Oh You dont Tell me about this then.

His Majesty went to visit Her Majesty today.

Whats the reason that youre dressed strangely and unlike how palace servants should conduct themselves at all.

What were you trying to do

Could it be that you forgot the palace rules on a whim”

Cailuans face was pale.

She bit her lower lip, not knowing how to answer this.

Today, Gu Yihan went to visit the seriously ill empress as usual.

Unexpectedly, Cailuan was dressed brightly and tried to talk to the emperor to attract his attention.

Coincidentally, Noble Consort Qiaos head palace maid, Wanyin, happened to have gone to visit the empress on behalf of the Noble Consort Qiao.

Wanyin saw this scene and immediately told Noble Consort Qiao about this after she came back.

Now that the empress was seriously ill, the matters of all six palaces were being managed by Noble Consort Qiao.

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The empress, Du Yilan, had a gentle nature.

When she was managing the harem, everyone felt at ease and wasnt restrained.

Ever since the empress fell seriously ill three years ago, Noble Consort Qiao took over the management of the harem.

The noble consort was flamboyant by nature.

She used thunderous methods to get everyone into submission.

Moreover, Noble Consort Qiao had even given birth to the only princess for His Majesty!

Her status and prestige made everyone in the palace shiver.

Cailuan knew that since she had fallen into Noble Consort Qiaos hands now, she would probably not be able to escape death!

She hurriedly bowed and kowtowed, her voice sorrowful.

“Your Highness, please spare this servants life.

I wont dare to do it again.

Ill definitely listen to you in the future!”

Noble Consort Qiao curled her lips coldly.

“Cailuan, what nonsense are you talking about Do I lack a useless person like you by my side

Let me tell you, the empress and I have been friends for decades.

If you step on her head and cause trouble, youre going against me!

“Dont think that no one can deal with you now that the empress is seriously ill.

If you make me feel that youre an eyesore, Ill get rid of you quickly!”

Cailuan was so frightened that her entire body trembled.

She kowtowed until her forehead was covered in blood.

“This servant doesnt dare to do it again, this servant wont ever do it again!”

Noble Consort Qiao took the hot tea from Wanyin, skimmed the foam on top, and took a sip.

She said slowly, “My Nuonuo doesnt like killing and seeing blood.

I can spare your life this once.

Moreover, Her Majesty probably is unaware that youve developed such ambitions either.

If I were to rashly execute you, the empress will probably be worried.

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Therefore, Ill let you keep your cheap life for now.

If you dare to act recklessly in the future, dont blame me for not holding back!”

Cailuan quickly replied with a trembling voice, “Yes… yes… I will listen to Your Highnesss instructions.”

Noble Consort Qiao looked at the time and guessed that Gu Nuoer should have woken up by now.

She waved her slender fair hand.

The two head palace maids beside her, Wanyin and Wanxuan, lifted Cailuan on both sides.

They then dragged her out.

Noble Consort Qiao got up, smoothed the hair by her temple, then walked around the corner where the screen was.

She then saw her baby blinking at her.

Noble Consort Qiao was a little surprised.

In the next second, she smiled with motherly love.

“Nuonuo, why did Mothers baby wake up by herself Why didnt you put on a coat What if you were to catch a cold”

As she spoke, Noble Consort Qiao bent down and carried the child into her arms.

Gu Nuoer raised her small hand and touched the space between Noble Consort Qiaos eyebrows.

“Mother, dont be angry, dont be angry~”

Noble Consort Qiao was stunned and immediately guessed that the child must have heard what she had said to Cailuan just now.

Gu Nuoer was born intelligent so it was not difficult for her to understand these things.

Noble Consort Qiao smiled and placed her under the blanket, squeezing her soft little hand.

“Of course, Mother isnt angry.

Its just that your Empress Mother has suffered.”


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