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After New Years Eve, it was said that there were many times when the East Defender General wanted to drag his painful body into the palace to meet the emperor.

However, Gu Yihan rejected him coldly time and time again.

In the end, Gu Yihan was simply annoyed and said, “Its the New Year and hes so sick.

Even if he doesnt think that its bad luck, I think it is! Tell him to not come and annoy me!”

Gu Yihan was in a good mood, but the East Defender General kept on coming to annoy him.

He had just brought the paper that Gu Nuoer had written “Love Father the most” with him to visit Noble Consort Qiao.

Noble Consort Qiao took out Gu Nuoers writing that said “Love Mother the most” and compared the two.

She realized that Gu Yihans copy had the line written three more times.

Gu Yihan immediately laughed loudly.

“Baby Nuo loves me three more times that she loves you.

Dont underestimate these three times.

I heard from Official Liu, who has eight daughters, that the more daughters like their father, the more they will rely on him in the future.”

Noble Consort Qiao was so angry that she lost the ability to organize her words.

Seeing the emperors smug expression, she really wanted to ask him a question.

Gu Nuoer was their daughter, but why was it that the emperor always felt that Nuoer was born by him

In the end, Noble Consort Qiao sighed slightly and didnt plan on arguing with Gu Yihan.

“As long as Your Majesty is happy.”

The smile on Gu Yihans handsome face deepened.

“Youre angry Noble Consort, its good to be magnanimous.”

Noble Consort Qiao was speechless.

Gu Yihan looked around the Qiushui Palace.

“Where did Baby Nuo go to play again”

“She probably went to see the little white tiger.”

Gu Yihan sighed.

“I still miss the times when Baby Nuo doesnt know how to run.

When she was one year old, she was a small ball and couldnt walk steadily.

“She would follow behind me and call me Father.

Noble Consort, do you know that my heart would almost melt each time I wish I could immediately give the throne to her.”

Noble Consort Qiao was shocked.

“Your Majesty, dont say such things! Its more than what Nuoer deserves!”

Gu Yihan glanced at her calmly and said with a faint smile, “Look at how scared you are.”

After saying that, he strode out and said that he wanted to return to the imperial study to review the memorials.

After the emperor returned to the imperial study, he chased Chunshou and the others out and said seriously that he was going to start taking care of government affairs.

When the door closed, he took out the piece of paper that Gu Nuoer had practiced calligraphy on from his sleeve.

He danced with joy and was in high spirits.

“In the end, I, as the father, am still better.

The noble consort still lost in the end.”

He waved his arms and performed a series of Taichi moves.

Just as Gu Yihan was immersed in his performance, he suddenly caught a clear gaze from the corner of his eyes.

Gu Yihan was stunned and turned to look.

His precious daughter, Gu Nuoer, had crawled out from under his imperial desk with the yellow tablecloth on her head.

She was looking at him curiously as he moved his body.

Gu Yihan froze on the spot.

Would the image of a handsome father that he had built up in front of Nuoer be destroyed

Would he then be seen as an unreliable father in Nuoers heart

The father and daughter looked at each other for a long time.

Gu Nuoer then said softly, “Father, why arent you picking me up yet!”

Gu Yihan seemed to have woken up from a dream.

He quickly walked over and picked up the child from under the table.

“Dear Baby Nuo, why are you hiding here”

Gu Nuoer smiled sweetly, revealing her white teeth, looking delicate and cute.

“Im looking for a picture.”

“What picture”

“The kind of pictures where many mountains and water are drawn, with roads, towns, cities, states, and prefectures! Does Father have those”


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