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Ye Siming carried Gu Nuoer and ran extremely quickly, taking three steps at a time.

The child left behind a string of laughter that sounded like silver bells.

Empress Du lifted her skirt and moved slowly, chuckling.

“Run slower! Dont fall!”

Wanyin quickly carried the bags and chased after them.

“Princess, wait for this servant!”

Mu Shuzhen followed closely behind the empress as if she was afraid that an accident would happen.

At this moment, neither the empress nor AYun noticed that Mu Shuzhen was following behind them.

Empress Du sighed.

“AYun, why do I recently have the feeling that you dont like Shuzhen Two days ago, I was sunbathing under the roof.

“The icicles that formed the roof almost fell and hit me.

If Shuzhen wasnt by my side, I might have been hurt.

The back of her hand was scratched because of this.

“Logically speaking, she should rest well.

Why did I hear from the palace servants that you still asked her to wash clothes that night”

AYuns heart skipped a beat and she immediately denied it, “Your Majesty, this servant is innocent! Shuzhen is like this servants younger sister.

How can this servant not like her

“Its just that… this servant is occasionally too strict and is always afraid that she would do something wrong and not be able to serve you well.

Thats why this servant had higher expectations.

This servant will be careful next time.”

The empress nodded.

“The two of you are my personal maids and have to get along harmoniously so that I wont worry.”

“Yes, this servant thanks Your Majesty for your teachings.” Although AYun said this, she held great hatred against the person who complained to the empress.

If she were to find out who it was, she would definitely not let them off!

Thinking of this, she couldnt help but be distracted.

However, she didnt expect to slip.

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AYun fell backward.

It was fine if she fell, but she subconsciously grabbed the empresss wrist tightly, pulling the empress down with her!

Two screams sounded one after another, and Ye Siming stopped in his tracks.

Gu Nuoer also heard it.

She quickly stuck her head out of the cloak.

“Elder Brother Siming, hurry up and go back.

Something happened to Empress Mother!”

When they turned around and ran down the steps, they saw the empress fall to the ground.

Her face was pale and she was pressing down on Mu Shuzhen.

Meanwhile, beside them, AYun had a wound on her forehead and was crying on the ground.

“Empress Mother!” Gu Nuoer cried out.

Wanyin quickly walked down the steps and helped Gu Nuoer help the empress up.

Although the empress didnt look too good, fortunately, she wasnt injured from the fall and was only shocked.

At this moment, she was very flustered.

“Dont worry, Nuoer.

Im fine.”

As she spoke, the empress turned around and watched as Wanyin helped Mu Shuzhen up.

A streak of blood trickled down Mu Shuzhens nose.

She seemed to have felt something and wiped it with the back of her hand.

She took a look at her hand and muttered in a sorry state, “The bloody omen came true.”

Empress Du was very worried.

“Shuzhen, are you alright”

Mu Shuzhen shook her head and wiped her nose with her handkerchief roughly.

“Your Majesty, dont worry.

This servant is a rough person.

This small injury is not worth mentioning.”

As for AYun, who was lying at the side, she saw that no one asked if she was alright even after a long time.

At this moment, she couldnt help but deliberately moan in pain.

Only then did the empress realize that AYun was still lying on the ground and quickly asked Wanyin to help her up.

Only then did the empresss hidden guard come out of the forest and hurriedly kneel on the ground.

“Your Highness, please forgive us.

We went to park the carriages and thus were delayed for a while.

We failed to protect your safety!”

Empress Du had always been tolerant and waved her hand.

“Its fine.”

Gu Nuoers bright eyes looked at AYun, who had almost all her weight resting on Wanyin, then at Mu Shuzhen, who was already silently picking up her bags and ignoring the blood gushing out of her nose.

“Mother Empress, theres no time to lose.

Lets enter the monastery first!”


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