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Gu Nuoer lay in Gu Yihans arms, her long eyelashes fluttering as she looked at the people around her with her watery eyes.

The books said that a cunning rabbit had three burrows.

These baddies were all full of tricks.

What if her fathers hidden guards couldnt find out everything they were hiding

The childs smart eyes darted around and she immediately lifted the veil on her hood.

Looking at the Minister of Justice kneeling in front of her, she said, “Uncle Minister, I think that its better for you to confess in advance.

“After all, its useless for you to hide it for Baddie Ji.

Now that things have come to this, if my father was the one to find out, itll be too late even if you want to confess then!”

The Minister of Justice shuddered and looked up at the emperors expression.

When Gu Yihan lowered his eyes, it made him look even more majestic and awe-inspiring!

His gaze was cold as if a treasured saber was already placed on his neck!

The Minister of Justice closed his eyes.

“Princesss preaching is right.

This subject has something to report!”

He looked at Gu Yihan.

“Your Majesty, Ji Yongwang has repeatedly bribed me with silver.

This subject was careless and fell into his trap!

“After receiving the bribe, Ji Yongwang threatened me with this.

He then kept on looking for me, hoping to arrange an official position for him.

This subject was forced…”

The Minister of Justice shirked all responsibilities with just a few words.

It wasnt that he wanted to be greedy, but Ji Yongwang was the one who wanted to give him money! He even threatened him!

Ji Zi, who was crying beside Ji Yongwang, turned her head when she heard this.

Her almond-shaped eyes widened and tears flowed.

“Uncle Sheng, how can you spout nonsense like this

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“My father gave you a lot of money to obtain an official position the size of a sesame seed.

Why did you not mention anything about how much money you asked from my father when you are before the emperor!”

“What audacity!” The Minister of Justice reprimanded, “What does it have to do with you when Im reporting to the emperor If your father is awake, he will definitely feel too ashamed to face the emperor!”

After saying that, he turned around and said to Gu Yihan, “Your Majesty, everything I said is true.

This Ji Yongwangs thoughts are even more vicious.

“For amusement, he came up with a heartless idea.

Nowadays, there are some girls outside who are homeless and poor.

“He lied to them saying that theyd come to his house as servants, but he imprisoned them in the cellar, beating and scolding them as he pleased! When entertaining guests, he would bring them out.

“He used them as live targets and shot them with blunt arrows for fun! Most of the people present had been invited by him to participate in this! This person is vicious and even worse than a ghost!”

When Ji Zi heard this, she couldnt stop crying.

“Father, hurry up and wake up.

This Lord Sheng Chun isnt a good person at all.

Not only did he accuse you, but hes also pushing all the blame on you!”

When Gu Yihan heard this, his expression was already a little impatient.

He touched his daughters soft hair and raised his eyebrows.

“Is that all”

The Minister of Justice kowtowed deeply.

“This subject has confessed everything.

Your Majesty, please show mercy.

This subject wont dare to do it again!”

At this moment, the hidden guards who had gone to conduct the search returned.

The things they found were indeed as the Minister of Justice had said.

Gu Yihan carried Gu Nuoer and stood up.

He said coldly, “Ji Yongwang has committed a heinous crime.

Hes to be immediately thrown into jail and a day will be chosen for his execution.

“As for Sheng Chun, you secretly accepted bribes and shielded him while he harmed the citizens, which is even more unforgivable.

From today onwards, you will be stripped of your official position and all nine generations of your family will be exiled!”

After he said that, the Minister of Justice was stunned and immediately started crying and begging for mercy.

Gu Yihan did not listen and carried Gu Nuoer out.

When he reached the door, he thought of something and looked back at the trembling guests.

He waved the name list in his hand.

“Everyone present, you have to be careful.

“Ive already memorized your names.

Perhaps one day, Ill bring my daughter with me and go to your house on a whim without you knowing about it.

Be down-to-earth and do things honestly.”



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