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She looked at the kitten who was weak and limp in the water sphere in midair.

Gu Nuoer flipped her wrist and the water ball floated up to her.

She reached out her fair hand and held the pitiful animal.

The water ball instantly dispersed into water droplets and fell into the soil, not wetting Gu Nuoers clothes at all.

The kitten in her hand had pure white fur and three thin strands of gray on its forehead.

Compared to Gu Nuoers small hands, this kitten that seemed to be less than a month old was much bigger.


Gu Nuo hugged the kitten and comforted it in a childish voice, “Meow meow, dont be afraid.”

This kitten gradually woke up under the touch of her small hands.

Its eyes were ice-blue and it looked at Gu Nuoer timidly and fearfully.

Suddenly, as if shocked, it darted out of Gu Nuoers arms.

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It then climbed up a plum tree by the lake.

The kitten stood on the branch, trembling and refusing to come down.


Gu Nuoer stood under the tree and looked up, blinking her watery eyes.

Her voice was soft.

“Meow meow, dont be afraid.

Ill come to save you now~”

As she spoke, the child used both her hands and feet as she called outhei shoo, hei shoo.

Not long later, Gu Nuoer climbed up the tree.

The branch was the size of a babys arm and a kitten and a child were now hung on it.

The white kitten looked at the water below, then at Gu Nuoer, who was climbing over to her.

It shivered even more.

As Gu Nuoer climbed, the branch shook even more intensely!

She had no choice but to stop, using her hands and legs to wrap around the branch tightly, waiting for the shaking to lessen a little.

At this moment, an extremely cold question rang out from under the tree.

“Arent you afraid of falling off the tree when you climb like this”

Gu Nuoer didnt expect that someone would suddenly appear.

She quickly turned her small head and looked over.

Suddenly, she failed to grab onto the branch tightly and fell off!

She seemed to be about to fall into the cold lake!

Gu Nuoer felt someone suddenly reach out and scooped her up.

She was hugged into someones arms.

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Gu Nuoer looked up.

The boy and his deep and cold eyes that she had not seen for a few days were right in front of her.


The boy sneered coldly, “If I didnt come, wouldnt you have fallen into the water”

The child puffed up her fair cheeks and said softly, “I was frightened by older brother!”

He placed Gu Nuoer on the ground.

She dug her small hands into her small waist pouch and took out the candy she had just gotten from her mother.

The boy lowered his head and looked at the candy that was placed before him, looking slightly stunned.

“Why are you giving me candy”

Gu Nuoer replied in a soft voice, “Its because you saved me!”

The boy fell silent for a moment, then eventually took the candy and placed it into his mouth.

However, crunching sounds quickly rang out and he crushed the sweet candy, swallowing it.

However, he realized that the child took out another piece.

Gu Nuoer then pointed to the kitten on the branch, feeling a little embarrassed.

“Older brother, can you help me again That meow meow also cant come down.”

The boy frowned.


Although he said this, he still walked toward the tree directly.

Looking at the trembling kitten on the branch, the boy bared his teeth fiercely.

Gu Nuoer could only see his back view and didnt know what expression he wore.

She only knew that the kitten was given such a scare that its eyes widened.

Its paws slipped and it fell over.

In an instant, it landed in the boys palm.

The boy turned, his expression turning back to normal.

He lifted the kitten and tossed it to Gu Nuoer.

He then took that piece of candy from her fair and soft palm.

Gu Nuoer hugged the kitten who was stiff from fright, consoling it with her small hand.

She spoke in a kiddish voice, “Older brother, you look even prettier today now that youre wearing shoes.”


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