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Chapter 98 - Even if you can’t wait to have the fish, you could have at least saved me a bite! (1)

The two of them had just finished talking when Tong Mianmian came running over on her two stubby legs.

“Big Sister, look at the hair that Third Brother did for Mianmian.

It’s not pretty!”

Tong Xuelu hadn’t had a chance to say anything yet when Tong Jiaming came running over like a firecracker.

“What’s not pretty about it It’s very pretty.

Third Brother will be doing your hair for you every day going forward!”

“No! No! No!”

Tong Mianmian waved her little meaty hand and her little head shook like den-den daiko.


Looking at the two bundles that looked like two porcupines on Tong Mianmian’s head, Tong Xuelu rolled her eyes all the way up.

She picked up the little bun and comforted her softly, “Don’t worry, Mianmian.

Big Sister wouldn’t him touch your hair.”

Tong Jiaxin’s thick brows twisted into caterpillars and he asked, unreconciled, “Why can’t I do Mianmian’s hair Who are you to not let me”

Tong Xuelu gave him a cold look, “You can if you really want.

But you don’t get to eat my cooking anymore.”


Like a duck whose neck was choked, Tong Jiaxin couldn’t say another word.

Tong Xuelu’s lips curved into a smile.

You grab a snake at its 7” point and, when it came to a foodie, not letting them eat was worse than killing them.

Tong Jiaxin felt awful right now but he dared not say another word.


On Old Mr.

Wen’s 70th birthday, the phone was ringing off the hook at the Wen’s place.

Officers from the military and Old Mr.

Wen’s old comrades in arms from out of town all called to wish him a happy birthday.

His friends and families in capital city had all sent in their birthday presents early.

Old Mr.

Wen had already warned everyone ahead of them that they were not allowed to send expensive gifts.

As such, all the gifts are practical gifts that were not expensive in price.

Old Mr.

Wen looked around at the roomful of people who were there celebrating his birthday but he was not happy.

Because none of them were Young Grass!

Old Mr.

Wen couldn't help but complained after all the guests had left.

“You unfilial grandchild! I can’t even hold my great grandchild in my arms when I am 70 years old!”

Wen Rugui placed a bowl of birthday noodles in front of Old Mr.

Wen before he got down on his knees and kowtowed to him.

“Happy birthday and long live Grandpa!”

Old Mr.

Wen, “If you really want me to live long then let me meet Young Grass!”

Wen Rugui, “……”

Seeing that Wen Rugui had stopped talking again, Old Mr.

Wen was so angry that his goatie could stick straight up.

“Lao Jiang’s grandson is almost 3 years old and mine is nowhere to be seen.

I don’t care.

You are bringing Young Grass home over the New Year one way or another!”

Wen Rugui, “…………”

Wen Rugui felt a headache coming on.

Old Mr.

Wen had always been rushing him into getting married, but he had never been this unreasonable before.

Ever since the one time that he had saw Tong Xuelu, this was becoming uncontrollable.

Everybody who were over today asked what was with all the grass around the house today.

What could he say to that

After Wen Rugui had gone upstairs, Old Mr.

Wen stretched his neck looking over at the direction of the stairs and asked Uncle Zong, “Xiao Zong, how was my acting earlier”

Uncle Zong brown nosed him.

“Commander, you did better than an actor on stage!”*

Old Mr.

Wen, “ ”

Why did that sound so odd

Old Mr.

Wen, however, did not dwell on that for very long.

He smiled so much that there were wrinkles on the corners of his eyes.

“That brat is like a top spin.

You have to whip him to get him to act.”

There was not much that Old Mr.

Wen could do when Wen Rugui didn’t have anyone inn mind.

Now that he had learned about Young Grass, for sure he would need to bring her up in front of Wen Rugui from time to time.

“Yes, Commander, you are so smart.”

Uncle Zong continued to brown nose Old Mr.

Wen as he organized the gifts.

Suddenly, he spotted one of the many gifts and he froze.

“Commander, this is……”


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