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Chapter 93 - The living room is freakishly green.


Tong Xuelu was not one that liked to drag things out.

“I do enjoy cooking, but my job is in a fabric factory.

It would not be a fair trade between the two of us.

Why don’t I just buy it from you with cash”

Su Xiuying shook her hands quickly, “No, no, no.

You have helped me so much, Comrade Tong.

I can’t possibly take money from you!!”

Tong Xuelu brought it up twice, but Su Xiuying insisted on not accepting money from her.

Tong Xuelu had no choice but to give up on that idea.

Finally, the two agreed to swap their positions once Su Xiuying had everything taken care of.

Su Xiuying had wanted to take Tong Xuelu out to lunch but Tong Xuelu knew for certain that Su Xiuying would not be in the mood to eat anything right now.

As such, she had declined her offer.

Huang Xianglan wanted to stay and keep Su Xiuying company, so Tong Xuelu planned to return to Yanqing Province by herself.

She suddenly recalled how Wen Rugui had helped her out.

Spinning around, she walked back inside of the police station.

She asked for the whereabouts of Pu Jianyi’s office and headed straight over there.

Pu Jianyi was stunned that Tong Xuelu had returned.

“How come you are back”

Hearing his words, Tong Xuelu frowned a little.

“So Comrade Pu knew that I was here today”

“I saw you earlier.” Pu Jianyi raised his brows and gossiped.

“Did you run into Rugui at the station”

Wen Rugui was at the station

Tong Xuelu was taken aback a little.

Recalling her suggestive dream from the night before, her cheeks started to burn uncontrollably.

She frowned again all of a sudden.

Wen Rugui didn’t hear what she had said earlier, did he*

Pu Jianyi looked at her dubiously.

“Comrade Tong Did you hear what I just said”

Tong Xuelu recollected herself and put on a calm look.

“Yes, I heard you.

I did not run into Comrade Wen.

When did he leave”

“Oh, a while ago.” Pu Jianyi continued to look at her intensely.

“Say, Comrade Tong, what do you think about Rugui”

Tong Xuelu thought about it some and said, “Comrade Wen is a nice guy.”

Pu Jianyi, “……”

After assigning Wen Rugui a nice guy card, Tong Xuelu cut to the reason that she was there.

“I came looking for you to see if there’s any dishes that Comrade Wen enjoys particularly.

He has helped me a lot and I would like to make some food for him to thank him.”

Pu Jianyi had an excited I-knew-you-were-fond-of-Wen-Rugui look on him as he said, “Comrade Tong is going to cook for Rugui”

Tong Xuelu corrected him, “As a token of appreciation.”

Pu Jianyi automatically filtered that part out.

“Rugui likes fish, any kind of fish.”

Tong Xuelu thought about it some and asked, “Can he eat spicy food”

Pu Jianyi nodded.

“I think so, but nothing too spicy.”

This was much easier knowing that he could handle spicy food.

Tong Xuelu’s lips curved and she smiled.

“Thank you, Comrade Pu.

I will be on my way then.”

Pu Jianyi, “…………”

That’s it Just like that

He was the one who actually did the work.

Shouldn’t she give him some food as well

That was terrible!

He was mad.


Wen Rugui returned to the military compound.

The second he stepped foot inside, he saw a pot of green grass on top of the dinner table.

Then there was another one on the cabinet next to the television.

Baffled, Wen Rugui turned and asked Uncle Zong.

“Uncle Zong, I thought we’ve always only had flowers.

Why do we have these two pots of grass all of a sudden”

Uncle Zhong took a look outside.

He made sure that Old Mr.

Wen was nowhere to be seen before he said in a low voice, “Commander said to leave two pots of grass around as a reminder for you.”

Wen Rugui, “To remind me”

Uncle Zong nodded heavily.

“Remind you to bring young grass home some time!”

Wen Rugui, “……”

That did sound like something that his grandfather would do.

Uncle Zong let out a sigh.

“Commander is not getting any younger.

He always says that he worries that he wouldn’t be able to see his great grandchild.

It saddens me every time I hear that coming from him.

I know you don’t like us nagging you like this, but you are not young anymore.

You will need to find someone to take care of you at some point.

Am I right”

Wen Rugui looked calm.

Pausing a little, he said, “I get it, Uncle Zong.”

Then he turned and went upstairs.


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