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Chapter 91 - The living room is freakishly green.


Tong Xuelu had done everything within her power to convince Su Xiuying’s neighbors.

Truth was, He Baogen and his mother could be thrown into jail with only Tong Xuelu’s witness statement and the injuries on Su Xiuying.

The sentencing just wouldn’t have been very serious.

It would be best if the neighbors could testify.

One-time domestic violence was very different from long-term domestic violence.

He Baogen and his mother disgusted Tong Xuelu.

She was shocked and angry when she ran into the yard and saw Su Xiuying lying on the ground with blood over her entire face.

She had thought that no matter how awful of a person He Baogen was, he would still have refrained himself some when it came to his wife.

Turned out he was worse than an animal!

That was the reason that she wanted to convince those others earlier.

One way or another, she wanted them in prison.

She might have borrowed Wen Rugui and Pu Jianyi’s names but her intention was pure.

Perhaps it wouldn’t bother them too much should they find out.

Nevertheless, recalling the embarrassing incident previously, Tong Xuelu decided to not loop the other two in.

With the testimony of Tong Xuelu and the neighbors, plus the two cops witnessing Old Mrs.

He beating up Su Xiuying, there were no more suspicions on this case and, as such, He Baogen and Old Mrs.

He were locked up immediately.

When they were taken away, Old Mrs.

He pointed at Su Xiuying and shouted out all sorts of cuss words and cursed that she would die a horrible death.

He Baogen, on the other hand, did not shout at her.

Instead, he dropped down on his knees in front of her.

“Xiuying, I know I was wrong.

Please forgive me this one time.

I know I shouldn’t have beaten you.

I have no idea why I did what I did.”

Su Xiuying hadn’t expected that he would kneel down in front of her.

She bit down hard on her lip and her hands clenched into fists.

Seeing that she did not make a sound, He Baogen had an idea and he slapped himself hard a few times.

“Xiuying, I am really sorry! Xiao Qiu is just three years old.

She needs a father.

If both my mom and I have gone to jail, others would say that she has a jailbird as a father.

And that he was put there by her own mother.

How do you think the others would look at her”

Su Xiuying pinched her lips shut tightly and her struggle could be seen in her eyes.

She had no reaction when she saw He Baogen kneeling down earlier but, now that he had mentioned their daughter, her eyelids started to shudder uncontrollably.

Seeing that Su Xiuying was beginning to waver, He Baogen quickly carried on.

“Xiuying, for the sake of the child, forgive my mother and I.

I promise that I will never lift a finger on you or the child.

You will have all the say at home from now on.

Didn’t you say you want to get Xiao Qiu some new clothes We can go and get them right now.

What do you say”

Seeing that her cousin started to waver, Huang Xianglan was nervous.

She looked over at Tong Xuelu, hoping that she would help convince her.

Tong Xuelu, expressionless, pretended that she did not see Huang Xianglan’s look.

Su Xiuying had to do this one on her own or nobody could save her.

If she was to choose to forgive He Baogen, Tong Xuelu would not lift another finger in the future even if He Baogen was to beat her to death.

The lobby inside the police station was pin-drop silent.

Everybody was holding their breath and looking at Su Xiuying.

Right when He Baogen saw a shred of light, Su Xiuying suddenly sneered and said through gritted teeth, “He Baogen, you really think that a few words from you and I will forgive you In.



She turned and ran off after she had finished saying that.

Huang Xianglan quickly ran after her.

“Sheng Xiuyan, you *****.

You get your *** back here!”

He Baogen didn’t think that Su Xiuying wouldn’t  forgive him even after he had slapped himself.

His face was red like a cooked pig head.

A cop walked over and dragged him up from the floor.

He said to He Baogen rudely, “Be quiet.

Cussing inside the police station.

Who do you think you are”

He Baogen and his mother were quickly taken away.


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