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Chapter 89 - He still had a nonchalant look on him, but the base of his ears turned red uncontrollably.


Old Mrs.

He spoke kind words through gritted teeth.

“Have you lost your mind for being sick for too long, Xiuying We are your closest family and Bogen is Xiao Qiu’s father.

You can’t just blurt out random things in front of the comrade cops!”

So now you want to be nice Where had you been earlier”

Su Xiuying looked at Old Mrs.

He and sneered.

“Comrade Cop, I am not making things up.

They were the one who were beating me, and more than once.

All of the injuries on my body were caused by the two of them.

I want to file a police report.

Please arrest them!”

Old Mrs.

He was angry and scared.

With an “Awru”, she started to cry, “Oh Heavenly Father, what have I done to deserver this We had brought into our family such an unconscientious daughter-in-law! Everyone, come and see this.

She is trying to turn in her husband and mother-in-law.

She is trying to nail my entire family!”

Those in the compound had not expected this to happen.

They all chimed in to smooth things out.

“Xiuying, you can always talk things out.

You don’t need to have the cops involved.”

“Exactly, you are a family.

You can work things out among yourselves.

Hurry up and clarify things with the comrade cops!”

Old Mrs.

He was stupid and low.

She still thought she could bring in the others to put pressure on Su Xiuying at this point.

Su Xiuying, however, already had her mind made up.

Nobody around her could change her mind now.

Old Mrs.

He wanted to bawl some more but she was stopped by the male cop.

“Shut up already.

You can make your statement when we get back to the station!”

Old Mrs.

He was like a chicken with her neck pinched.

Her voice stuck in the middle of her throat.

It was a very awful feeling.

He Baogen and his mother were brought to the police station.

Along with them were Tong Xuelu, Su Xiuying, and the others from the compound.


At the police station.

Pu Jianyi was surprised when he saw Wen Rugui showing up at the entrance to his office, “What are you doing here, Rugui”

Wen Rugui’s voice was nonchalant.

“It’s Grandpa’s birthday tomorrow.

I needed to make a trip home, and this is on my way.

What did you want to talk about last time”

Pu Jianyi said in an exaggerated manner.

“Did you just say 26 words in one go Well, that is sure rare!”

Wen Rugui ignored his exaggeration.

He walked inside the office and took a seat.


What is it”

Pu Jianyi scratched his head, “I called you because I wanted to talk to you about your Comrade Tong.”

A hint of emotion could finally be detected on Wen Rugui.

His sharp brows raised slightly, and he said, “More details.”

Pu Jianyi chuckled, “It’s a long story.

You know how I thought she might be your girlfriend I ran into her at the train station the other day, so I wanted to fool her.

I asked her if she’s your girlfriend and guess what she said”

Wen Rugui’s dark eyelashes were lowered.

He didn’t say a word.

Pu Jianyi mimicked Tong Xuelu and said, “She said, ‘Yes, we have been seeing each other for over a year now.’ You should have seen her.

She looked so shy.

Who’d have thought that it was all a lie That was sneaky of her, right”

Wen Rugui, “She’s not sneaky.

You are just stupid.”


Pu Jianyi wanted to make himself look better.

“That’s not me being stupid.

She just doesn’t play by the books, you know What kind of a girl would make a joke that could potentially harm their own reputation”

Wen Rugui’s tone was moderate.

“What happened after that”

Pu Jianyi could feel his cheeks burning when he recalled what happened the other day.

“Then she asked me how I’ve learned about her.

She even put on a frightened look.

I worried that she’d call out for help so…… I told her about how you’ve asked me to help her out.”

Wen Rugui lifted his brows.

“And you still insisted that you are not being stupid”



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