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Chapter 88 - He still had a nonchalant look on him, but the base of his ears turned red uncontrollably.


Tong Xuelu turned to run again and shouted as she ran.

“Help me! Someone’s trying to kill me.

Help, please!”

With a psychopath domestic abuser chasing after her, Tong Xuelu’s heart was pounding.

Luckily, she saw two cops running at her directly after she had rounded the corner.

She quickly shouted out loudly, “Help me, Comrade Cops.

Someone’s trying to kill me!”

The two comrade cops, hearing her shouting, ran toward her even faster.

In his rage, He Baogen did not hear what Tong Xuelu was saying.

He only saw the cops standing next to Tong Xuelu after he caught up to her.

His face changed colors instantly.

Tong Xuelu pointed straight at He Baogen and said, “Comrade Cops, that’s him! He’s the one who is trying to kill me!”

He Baogen backed off immediately.

“Comrade Cop, you have the wrong person.

I am only chasing after this woman because she hit my mother!”

Tong Xuelu’s eyes  reddened.

“Comrade Cop, he’s lying! I walked past here and heard someone shouting for help.

I went to take a look and saw this man and his mother beating up a woman together.

“The woman’s face was covered in blood.

I ran inside to try and stop them, and they shouted at me for meddling in their business.

His mother wanted to hit me too.

I accidentally shoved his mother a little and this man started chasing after me saying that he wanted to kill me.

I believe you’ve heard it as well.

I was so scared!”

She started wiping away her tears as she talked.

The two cops saw how fragile Tong Xuelu was and how she was shaking from fear as she cried.

He Baogen, on the other hand, looked vicious.

They did hear him shouting as they approached as well.

In comparison, they sided more with Tong Xuelu.

The two cops twisted He Baogen’s arm and dragged him back into the yard.

Old Mrs.

He got angrier and angrier after her son had left.

She climbed on top of Su Xiuying and hit her while shouting at her.

“You pestilent chicken who can’t lay eggs.

You dared to bring up divorce Oh yeah I am going to beat you to death!”

**ACK! **ACK! **ACK!

She smacked Su Xiuying across her cheeks repeatedly.

Su Xiuying did not try to dodge or struggle.

She knew that the comrade cops were almost there.

The more she was beaten up, the more severe the punishment would be for the two scums.

She had been beaten so many times already.

One last time and she and her daughter would be free!

And that was the scene that Tong Xuelu and the two cops saw when they arrived.

Tong Xuelu took her shoe off and aimed it at Old Mrs.

He’s face.

“Comrade Cop, you saw it with your own eyes now.

We are in the new society and this old woman is using violence in private.

She had no respect for the laws at all!”

Her shoe landed right smack in the middle of Old Mrs.

He’s face!

Old Mrs.

He let out a cry and her nose hurt from it.

She thought Tong Xuelu was just bluffing her when she said comrade cop.

Little did she know, she saw her son’s arm being twisted by two cops when she looked up.

Shuddering, she almost peed herself!

A cop walked up to them, “Get up and come with us to the station!”

Old Mrs.

He’s face turned pale and her hands shook like someone with Parkinson’s disease.

“Comrade Cops, I did not use violence.

She is my daughter-in-law.

It’s all everyday family drama is all.

You can ask her!”

Lo and behold, as soon as she finished saying that, Su Xiuying sat up with her bloody face and said forcefully, “Comrade Cops, I want to file a complaint about He Baogen being abusive and Wang Jihua returning to old society’s custom and abusing her daughter-in-law at home.

You can see the wounds on my face and body.

They did all of them!”

Tong Xuelu, “I can attest to that! This female comrade was already down on the ground and this man still wouldn’t stop.

We are in the new society now and our president has said that women make up half the sky.

I can’t believe there are still those who could completely overlook the law and abuse women the way that they did.

I say they should receive the death penalty!”

When He Baogen and Old Mrs.

He heard “death penalty”, they both changed colors right away and their eyes widened to the size of an ox’s.


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