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Chapter 86 - "*****, I am going to kill you!" (2)

Su Xiuying arrived at the metal plant and had the security guard fetch He Baogen.

He Baogen frowned immediately when he saw Su Xiuying at the front of the plant.

“Why aren’t you at work again”

Su Xiuying’s body shook when she saw the vicious look on him.

But, remembering her daughter’s bloody face the other day, she forced herself to calm down.

“I did go to work but someone came and told me that Mom had taken a fall and needed to be brought to the hospital right away.

I can’t move her on my own, so I had to come look for you.”

He Baogen heard that his mother was injured so he took time off quickly and the couple rushed home.

Tong Xuelu and Huang Xianglan waited around and followed behind them when they saw Su Xiuying and He Baogen walking towards their house.

The two stopped at the end of the alleyway.

Tong Xuelu, “Wait here.

I will go over there on my own.

Hurry over to the police station when you hear fighting, okay”

Huang Xianglan tightened her fists.


You hurry up and go!”

Tong Xuelu nodded and walked toward Sheng Xiuyan’s house.

He Baogen worried about his mother and rushed home.

Lo and behold, the minute he walked inside the yard, he saw his mother sitting down, working on the bottom of a shoe, looking perfectly fine.

He paused for a little and turned to look at Su Xiuying angrily.

“What is going on here Didn’t you say that my mother had taken a fall and injured herself”

Being stared at by him, Su Xiuying took a step back.

Before she could answer his question, Old Mrs.

He heard their voices and looked up.

She asked, baffled, “Bogen Why are you two home Did something happen”

He Baogen looked very angry.

“It was all this *****.

She told me that you had fallen and injured yourself and needed to be taken to the hospital right away.

That was why I took time off and came home!”

Old Mrs.

He jumped up and started scolding Su Xiuying.

“You cursed chicken who couldn’t lay eggs.

Are you cursing me to die Bogen, I think your wife is getting bolder and bolder.

She now dares to crap all over your mother.

You need to teach her a good lesson!”

He Baogen’s brows were standing straight up.

He stared at Su Xiuying and shouted at her, “You better explain yourself clearly.

Or else!”

Though Su Xiuying had prepared herself mentally, she was still shaking when the time came.

She took a deep breath and said, “That’s right.

I lied.

I had you come home so we can talk about a divorce!”

He Baogen’s eyes widened to the size of an ox’s.

“What did you just say I dare you to say that again!”

Su Xiuying tightened her fists and repeated herself, enunciating every word.

“He Baogen, I don’t want to be with you anymore.

I want a divorce!”


Su Xiuying had just finished her last word when she was struck across her cheek.

He Baogen was tall and his palm was the size of a fan.

A slap from him completely shoved Sheng Xiuyan’s head sideways.

Su Xiuying felt her cheek burn and she could hear ringing in her ear.

“He Baogen, unless you kill me today.

We are getting a divorce!”

He Baogen was so angry that veins were popping on his forehead.

He slapped her across her cheek again!

Su Xiuying did not try to dodge.

After the second hit, her cheek was swollen.

Her nose felt warm and blood came out of her nostrils.

She didn’t try to wipe away the blood on her cheeks.

Instead, she said in a volume that both He Baogen and his mother could hear, “He Baogen, you useless piece of garbage who only knows to be mean at home.

Both you and your mother are worse than animals.

I curse the two of you to be sent to the deepest part of hell after you have died!”

Old Mrs.

He was watching her son teach Su Xiuying a lesson and wasn’t going to join in at first.

Now that she heard Su Xiuying cursing about her and her son going to hell, she was infuriated.

“You ***** who can’t lay eggs.

I am going to kill you!”

Old Mrs.

He ran over and grabbed Su Xiuying by her hair.

She immediately clawed at Su Xiuying’s face and the scratch marks could be seen right away.

Su Xiuying felt that her scalp was about to come off.

She shrieked.

“Help! Somebody help! He Baogen and his mother are going to kill me––“


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