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Chapter 78 - "'Green' as in giving someone a green hat." (1)

Something occurred to Feng Zhaodi suddenly and her voice lowered.

“Did Mom say where she is keeping the death benefits”

Tong Sanzhuang had an odd look on him.

“Mom said she never got them.

But she also told the Plant Manager that she did get them.

Maybe she has really lost her mind”

Feng Zhaodi gritted her teeth and walked over to Jie Jinhua.

“Mom, do you still remember me I am Zhaodi.”

Jie Jinhua, “Hahaha…….”

Feng Zhaodi, “Mom, let me ask you something.

Where are you keeping the death benefits”

Jie Jinhua, “Wuwuwu……”

What death benefits She had none of that!

But she couldn’t say anything.

Feng Zhaodi asked a few times but had gotten nowhere.

She looked more and more unhappy.

Feng Zhaodi and Tong Sanzhuang wanted to ask Tong Xuelu about the death benefits; Sun Guilan and Tong Erzhu wanted to tear Tong Xuelu up from end to end; and Jie Jinhua wanted to claw her eyes out.

Nevertheless, they only dared to think about it.

When Tong Xuelu came home from work, they didn’t even dare to make a peep.

All eyes in the compound were on them right now.

If they dared to shout at Tong Xuelu, for sure they would go and report them.

Then the family just might reunite in prison.

As such, did they dare to make a move

No, they didn’t.


Tong Xuelu thought that Tong Yanliang’s verdict would take at least two weeks or more but it was done in three days.

His punishment was more severe than she had expected.

He was sentenced to five years in prison and would be sent to the harshest area of the northwest for reforming.

Sun Guilan cried so hard that she passed out once again after she learned of the sentence.

It had only been a few days, but she was disheveled and had lost so much weight that she could have been a different person.

Tong Xuelu disliked Sun Guilan at the beginning and felt that she was vitriolic and selfish.

Nevertheless, over the incident with Tong Yanliang, she was the one who seemed the most humane in this whole Tong Yanliang incident.

Granted, her motherly love would not move Tong Xuelu a bit.

She would never let a creep like Tong Yanliang off the hook.

Shortly thereafter, different news struck the old town Tong family.

The plant had requested for them to move out of the compound!

Jie Jinhua was so mad that her nose was crooked.

“Why do we have to leave!”

Feng Zhaodi, too, looked very unhappy, but she did her best to put a smile on herself.

“Fellow Comrade Administrators, my brother-in-law and his wife had two positions at the plant and, now that they are gone, we want to take them over……”

She wasn’t even done talking when she was cut off by one of the administrators.

“You have been feasting at the government-operated restaurant every day.

Our plant does not welcome those who behave like they are capitalists!

“You better take off tomorrow.

Any more issues from you, and the union will report you.”

Again with the reporting!

The Tong family had been completely traumatized by those two words by now.

After the two administrators had taken off, Feng Zhaodi stared at Tong Xuelu and said, “Good job, niece.

You had us set up from the very beginning.

I didn’t think you could be so vicious at your young age.”

No wonder Tong Xuelu and her siblings never went to the government-operated restaurant with them and would stay behind and have sweet potato porridge and pickled vegetables instead.

She had thought that they knew their places and was also secretly happy that there were four less people to fight over the meat with them.

As it turned out, it was a set up all along!

That was such a vicious move on her part!

Tong Xuelu had an innocent look on her face.

“Third Aunty, I have no idea what you are talking about.”

Sun Guilan jumped up and her finger almost poked Tong Xuelu on her face.

“You can stop with the faking now! You evil woman.

So evil at your young age.

Just you wait.

What goes around, comes around!”

Tong Xuelu brushed her hand aside nonchalantly.

“Second Aunty, you better calm down.

If you hurt me, you might be sent to a farm as well.”

Her words were like water droplets dripping into oil and splattered all over the place in everyone’s minds!

Tong Zhenzhen had offended her and was sent to the farm.

They had no idea how Tong Yanliang had offended her but he, too, was sent to the farm.

One in the faraway northwest at that.

It was pin drop silent inside the house.

None of the Tongs from the old village dared to make a sound.


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