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Chapter 76 - "What happened How did she go crazy just like that" (2)

Mother Xu turned and looked at Plant Manager Yu as she spoke, “Plant Manager, we all request to have Jie Jinhua and her family removed from our compound!”

Aunty Cai nodded as well.

“She is right.

Those of us at the compound have always been friendly and helpful to each other.

Yet, ever since this family has arrived, they have talked about burning down houses and killing people, then underwear was stolen.

How would we be able to sleep with them there!”

Plant Manager Yu went silent for a little while, then said, “Okay, I understand.

I’ll have a meeting at the plant when I return and have this figured out.”

He turned and walked out of the police station when he was done talking.

Tong Xuelu looked back and said to the others.

“We should head out as well.

I feel so bad taking up so much of your time.”

Chen Dani waved her hand.

“You have nothing to feel bad about.

That being said, it is getting late, and I should be going.”

She left quickly after that.

Aunty Cai and Mother Xu didn’t need to go to work but they had a lot to take care of at home.

They were all important tasks.

Tong Xuelu needed to return to her work at the plant.

She would be traveling in the same direction as Aunty Cai and Mother Xu, so the three of them walked out together.

By the time they got to the door, a man in cop uniform walked up to them.

The man had thinly trimmed hair, his features prominent, and he was stocky.

He looked to be around 1.85 meters.

Seeing Tong Xuelu, the man’s look landed on her face.

Not the creepy kind of look but the kind when one saw something beautiful and couldn’t help themselves.

Tong Xuelu, standing in between Aunty Cai and Mother Xu, stood out even more than a crane standing among chickens.

The man spotted her right away.

He, however, didn’t think much of it but walked right past them.

Tong Xuelu, too, looked over at the man as she walked past him.

She, too, didn’t think much of it and returned to her laborious job at the plant.


Pu Jianyi walked inside the office, saw the male and female cops gathering up their witness statements, and asked casually, “You guys are done already”

The female cop clicked her tongue and said, “More or less.

The brat did steal the underwear! And he had the audacity to accuse someone else! His cousin is a pitiful one.

“She was kidnapped when she was young.

When she was found, she was returned to the wrong family.

She was raised by her adoptive parents for 10 years before they realized the mistake.

What made it even worse was that she was just reunited with her real parents before they died in a car accident.

And now she was being accused and set up by her grandmother and her cousin.

That is so pitiful!”

Pu Jianyi was taken aback a little when he heard that.

Why did that sound so familiar

“What’s their surname”

The female cop raised her brows.


Why You know them”

Pu Jianyi shook his head.

“No, I don’t.”

Having said that, he walked over to behind the female cop and looked at the statements in front of her.

When he saw “Tong Xuelu”, his heavy brow moved unnoticeably.

When he recalled the girl who had walked past him, his other brow moved too.

He then briskly walked to his own office.

Once he was in his office, he picked up the phone and dialed a number.

The other end picked up quickly.

“I am looking for Wen Rugui.”

“Hang on.”

The phone was picked up again after a little while.

A mild but slightly cold voice came from the other end, “This is Wen Rugui.

Who is it”

“Rugui, it’s me.

Do you know who I just ran into”

Wen Rugui lifted his hand and looked at his watch.

He then said nonchalantly, “I still have two more experiments to do.

You have one-minute’s time.”

Pu Jianyi pushed the back of his teeth with his tongue and said, “Fine, one minute it is.

I am sure you will be interested in what I have to say! The female comrade that you asked me to keep an eye out for last time, her name is Tong Xuelu, right”


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