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Chapter 72 - She is so smart! (1)

Jie Jinhua was carried to the police station by her son, Tong Sanzhuang.

She had collapsed to the floor and wet herself as soon as she heard that the fellow comrade cops wanted to speak to her!

After she was seated and saw how Tong Yanliang looked, her heart ached all of a sudden.

“Ooooh, Grandma’s precious little boy.

Whatever happened to you”

Tong Yanliang wasn’t in the mood for that.

Pointing at Tong Xuelu, he said, “Grandma, she said that you were the one who told her that I groped some woman’s bottom and that my family jewels were broken.

Have you said that to her”

Jie Jinhua was taken aback a little.

She then turned and scolded Tong Xuelu.

“You @*#&(!, when did I say such a thing”

Tong Xuelu frowned and looked aggrieved.

“Grandma, have you forgotten already You told me after you booted everyone out the other day!”

Jie Jinhua was infuriated.

“You )@*#(, I am going to beat you to death.

That ought to teach you……”

“Stop with the shouting already!”

The female cop had always been shouted at and beaten by her grandmother when she was a child.

Seeing that Jie Jinhua had been yelling at Tong Xuelu since she had stepped inside the room, she sided with Tong Xuelu even more.

Jie Jinhua shuddered from that and collapsed into the chair.

“Comrade Cop, she is lying.

I have never said such things!”

Tong Xuelu’s brows furrowed.

“Grandma, I think your memory is getting worse.

It has only been a few days.

How do you not remember that already”

Having said that, she looked up at the two comrade cops and said, “The day my grandmother arrived at Capital City, they ended up in the hospital because of a fight at the train station.

I went with my brother to pick them up and took them to the government-operated restaurant for lunch.

“When we arrived home, Grandma booted all the others out and asked me for the death benefits.

After I gave her the money, she told me about the incident at the train station.

She said that my cousin was kicked in his family jewels because he groped a woman’s bottom.

Grandma cursed the family to have no offspring and the death of the entire family!”

Jie Jinhua, “……”

Tong Yanliang, “……”

Jie Jinhua was so angry that her nose was crooked.

“You *#@)*, when did I say such things Besides, you never gave me the death benefits!”

Tong Xuelu’s eyes widened.

“Grandma, what are you talking about If I hadn’t gave you the death benefits, how were you able to dine at the government-operated restaurant and shop at the C**C everyday”

Jie Jinhua choked for a second and said, “You gave me that money!”

Tong Xuelu nodded.


I gave you that money!”

Jie Jinhua, “……”

Wait, why did she feel that something was not right here.

Tong Xuelu, “You’ve all heard it, right, fellow comrade cops.

My grandmother’s condition is getting worse.

One minute she said I didn’t give her the money; the other minute she said I did.”

The female cop jotted that all down: Material witness was not making any sense, possible mental issues.

Tong Xuelu carried on to say, “I had given the death benefits to my grandmother that day.

Plant Manager Yu at the fabric factory can attest to that as can those in our compound, at the government-operated restaurant, and at the C**C!”

Jie Jinhua was so angry that she could puke out blood.


Quickly a bunch of people were brought over.

Chen Dani from the government-operated restaurant was brought over.

Seeing that Tong Xuelu was being bullied, she was angry instantly.

“Comrade Cop, I can attest to that.

This grandmother and her grandson had been coming to our government-operated restaurant everyday and asked for meat with every meal!”

The salesperson at C**C, “I can attest to that as well.

This lady bought clothes, three jin of milk candies and snacks, and this young man bought a travel bag and cloth shoes.”

Aunty Cai and Mother Xu both nodded.

“We, too, can attest to that……”

Lastly, it was Plant Manager Yu.

“Yes, Comrade Jie Jinhua did tell me that she had already received the death benefits.”


Their words made Jie Jinhua’s face turn beet red.

She was nervous, nervous, nervous.


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