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Chapter 68 - Her hand hurt.

She shouldn't have hit him so hard earlier.


The male cop, “Quiet down, all of you! His groping a woman’s behind had nothing to do with our current investigation.

Don’t nobody bring that up anymore! Tong Yanliang.

Tong Yanliang did not look happy, “It wasn’t me!”

Even if he was to steal underwear, he wouldn’t have stolen them from a bunch of old women!

He wasn’t out of his mind!

Mother Xu, “Comrade Cop, he is lying again.

He also denied that he said he would burn down my house and kill my family earlier then he changed his story.

He’s a wicked one!”

It looked like the two were going to get into another argument and the male cop interrupted them.

“We need evidence.

We are going to perform a search now!”

The Tong family did not object to that.

Neither did Tong Yanliang.

He did not commit any crime; he had nothing to worry about.

For the sake of being fair, the search would be performed by a female cop and two administrative personnel from the union.

They were able to find four floral underwear from a travel bag, one of them with a big hole in the back, matching Old Mrs.

Lin’s description perfectly.

They walked out with the travel bag and asked the Tong family, “Who does this bag belong to”

The Tong family looked at each other but nobody said anything.

Tong Yanliang’s heart pounded, and his instinct told him that something had gone very wrong.

Suddenly, Tong Jiaxin stepped out from the crowd, pointed at Tong Yanliang, and said, “That belongs to my cousin! He brought that bac from the C**C just a couple of days ago!”

Tong Yanliang gritted his teeth and wanted to jump up and give him a beating!

Being stared at by two cops, however, he had no choice but nodded and admitted to it, “Yes, the travel bag belongs to me.”

The female cop called him shameless before pulling out the four pairs of underwear from inside the bag.

“Come take a look and see if these are the ones that you are missing.”

Old Mrs.

Lin’s underwear with holes was the most distinctive one.

With her underwear in hand, she was as emotional as she had just been reunited with a long-lost family member.

“This one is mine! And you just said you didn’t steal them.

How did it end up in your travel bag if you didn’t steal it”

Tong Yanliang was so mad that he could vomit blood.

“Why would I steal……”

Before he could even finish his sentence, someone ran in front of him and, without any further exchange, SLAP SLAP SLAP, Tong Yanliang were slapped multiple times across his cheeks.

“Why did you do that, Liangliang You have disappointed me so!”

Tong Xuelu shouted out from the bottom of her heart while holding her hand over her chest.

Tong Yanliang could see stars in front of his eyes from the slapping.

His ears rang and his cheeks stung.

That *(**), surely, she did that on purpose!

He wanted to lung at her, but his arms were held tight by the male cop.

He wanted to say something, but the cop didn’t give him another chance to speak.

The male cop said, “Take him and the evidence away.

Save the talking for later!”

Tong Yanliang panicked.

He couldn’t pay attention to Tong Xuelu anymore.

“Mom, Dad, help me!”

“Comrade Cop, my son is innocent!”

Sun Guilan chased after them with tears and snots streaming down her face.

Tong Erzhu gave Tong Xuelu a stare and also ran after them.

Tong Xuelu shook her hand gently as she watched Tong Yanliang being taken away.

She shouldn’t have slapped him so hard.

Now her hand hurt.


Jie Jinhua was your typical bully at home.

She was scared chitless when the cops were there and just watched her oldest grandson being taken away.

When everybody else was gone, she quickly recollected herself.

Pointed at Tong Xuelu, she scolded, “You ()*&^, why did you slap Yanliang earlier”

And repeatedly no less.

Who did she think she was!

Tong Xuelu put on a pained look again.

“Grandma, I was just so disappointed earlier.

My cousin is the oldest grandson of the Tong family, and the Tong family’s future patriarch but look what all he had done ever since he had got here!

“Nevermind about all the fighting.

Then he threatened to set fire and kill people here.

Now he was even stealing underwear.

What would be next at this rate I only slap him because I wish that he would wake up.

Doesn’t Grandma wish cousin well”

Jie Jinhua jumped up and down in anger.

“Bull! He’s my grandson, of course I want him well! I am asking why you slapped him!”

Tong Xuelu looked aggrieved, “Grandma, I only did that cousin and for the entire Tong family! Picking quarrels, provoking troubles, insulting women.

Every one of these flout the country’s laws and regulations.

At this rate, nevermind about just a denunciation, he could even receive the death penalty!”

The words “death penalty” made Jie Jinhua’s knees weak and she collapsed onto the ground.

Feng Zhaodi and Tong Sanzhuang didn’t look much better either.


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