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Chapter 67 - Her hand hurt.

She shouldn't have hit him so hard earlier.


A male cop frowned at the scene and shouted, “Which one of you are Tong Yanliang”

The Tong family finally noticed all the people standing around in the courtyard after they heard the shout.

And two of them were cops.

All of the Tong family were shocked.

Tong Yanliang, in particular, had turned pale.

He thought that Mother Xu and the others had reported his threat of wanting to burn the house down from the night before.

His legs became shaking uncontrollably.

Tong Erzhu said, “Brother Cop, why…… are you looking for Tong Yanliang”


The male cop took a look at Tong Erzhu’s dark and not-so-young face and looked even more unhappy.

“Are you Tong Yanliang”

Tong Erzhu, “No, I am not.”

The male cop frowned right away.

“Then why are you talking Tong Yanliang Which one of you are Tong Yanliang Identify yourself now!”

Tong Yanliang’s hands shook, as was his entire body.

He shook like a leave on a tree in autumn that was about to fall off.

Suddenly, his mind went blank, and he made a very stupid decision––

He turned and dashed toward the entrance.

The male cop was taken aback a little before he gave chase right away.

“You stop right there!”

Tong Yanliang was tackled and pinned onto the ground by the male cop before he even reached the entrance.

Tong Xuelu was stunned silent by Tong Yanliang’s stupidity.

With his series of stupid actions, having her spend time to come up with a trap for him was a total waste of her time.

All of the Tong family were stunned and none of them dared to move.

Finally, Sun Guilan’s motherly love overcame her fear and she walked over, shaking, “Comrade Cop, why, why are you arresting my son”

The male cop asked unhappily.

“Is your son Tong Yanliang”

Sun Guilan nodded, “Yes.”

“Good then.

Those from this compound reported that he stole women’s underwear and claimed that he was going to set fire and kill people!”

Tong Yanliang was angered.

“No, I didn’t!”

Male cop, “Then why did you run Obviously, you had something to hide!”

The others in the compound gathered around.

Mother Xu nodded violently.

“That’s exactly right.

Why else would he run if he had nothing to hide He had to be the one who stole the underwear!”

“Shut up, you #*#$*) old woman!”

Seeing that it was Mother Xu who spoke and recalling how he was beaten up the day before, new beef piling onto old ones, he could kill Mother Xu right now.

Mother Xu lifted her chin up and said, “You heard it, Comrade Cop, this person had beef with me.

He said he is going to burn my house down and kill my entire family last night.

Many here heard him said that!”

Tong Yanliang denied it reflexively.

“No, I didn’t!”

“Comrade Cop, he’s lying.

I heard him said that yesterday too!”

“Me too……”

Everyone from the compound spoke up and chimed in that they had heard him.

Tong Yanliang’s face turned green, as did the faces of the rest of the Tong family.

Tong Xuelu walked over and put on a genuinely concerned look.

“Liangliang, the law will be lenient to you if you are being honest.

Why don’t you just tell everyone the truth”

The term “Liangliang” instantly made Tong Yanliang’s certain area hurt with a throbbing pain as soon as he heard that.

A female cop who was taking statements to one side said, “This female comrade is right.

The law will be lenient to you if you are being honest.

I suggest you tell the truth, little comrade.

It will be worse when we find out the truth by ourselves later on.”

When she heard that things would be worse, Sun Guilan quickly said to her son, “Yanliang, why don’t you just tell them the truth”

Tong Yanliang stammered.

“Yes, I did say that.

But I wouldn’t have had she not accused me of groping some woman’s butt.

I only said that to scare her!”

Mother Xu bounced up three feet high like a grasshopper.

“I accused you You did grope a woman’s ass!”

Tong Yanliang gritted his teeth in anger.

“No, I didn’t.

You *#&@ old woman.

You keep spewing out untrue things, I am going to take care of you!”

Sun Guilan jumped out to help her son, “He’s right.

If you keep spewing out untrue things, I am going to have you arrested by the comrade cops!”

Mother Xu, “Everything that I have said is true and I am still going to say the same things at the police station.

Your son groped a woman’s butt and that was why he was kicked and his family jewels damaged!”



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