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Chapter 61 - The thought of that put a wrinkly smile on her old cucumber face.


Jie Jinhua’s eyes widened, making her look like a frog.

“What do you mean by that Do you plan to pocket the money”

“Shhh, Grandma! I didn’t pocket the money.

I have taken them to make more money!”

“Make money What do you know about making money at your age”

“I don’t know anything about it but my adoptive parents do!” said Tong Xuelu proudly.

“My dad is the Director of the PLA Logistics Fuel Department.

The Fuel Department also controls the Agricultural and sideline production and materials.

You have no idea how much money is exchanged every day!”

“Then what did you father use the money for How much money can he make”

Jie Jinhua had no idea what the Fuel Department did but he understood “Director”.

All in all, it’s a high-ranking official title.

“Well, it’s best that you don’t ask, Grandma.

That’s confidential.

Knowing that won’t do you any good.

But.” Tong Xuelu suddenly lowered her voice and said in a mysterious way, “We will be able to double our money in a little bit.”

Jie Jinhua let out an “Oh!” Her mouth dropped open and the lit of greed came out of her eyes.

“How much are we talking about”

“The death benefit is 1,000 yuan.

Doubling that will be 2,000.”

Jie Jinhua gave her a dubious look.

“The death benefit is just 1,000 yuan Are you lying to me”

Tong Xuelu put on an aggrieved look.

“That such hurtful words, Grandma.

You are my grandmother.

Why would I lie to you Besides, you can find that out by just asking the factory.

What is the point of me lying to you about that”

Jie Jinhua, too, felt that she would not have the audacity to lie to her.

“What is up with your Plant Manager Dajin had saved two of his sons in the past and that was all he gave us Pei! What an unconscientious one!”

Seeing that there was no sadness at all in Jie Jinhua’s eyes when she talked about Tong Dajun but was very concerned about the death benefits, her earlier speculation occurred to her once again.

Jie Jinhua’s sole focus was on the money.

“When will we be able to get the money”

Tong Xuelu recollected herself.

“In a couple of weeks.

They will give us both the principal and the profits.

Once I get my hand on the money, I will give them all to you, Grandma!”

That’s better!

Her words made Jie Jinhua found her less annoying.

Tong Xuelu went on to say, “But we need to keep this in the downlow.

Not only can we not let any outside know, we can’t even let my uncles and aunties find out about it.”

Jie Jinhua said casually, “Don’t worry.

I won’t say anything.”

Tong Xuelu shook her head.

“Not only can we not tell anyone, you must tell others that you’ve already got the money from me, Grandma.

Otherwise uncles and aunties would get suspicious.

Jie Jinhua wasn’t that stupid.

She shared at Tong Xuelu with her triangular eyes and said, “What are you trying to pull here What if you don’t pay me later How am I going to get the money then”

“You can go look for the Plant Manager, the cops, or my adoptive parents!” Tong Xuelu said very definitively.

“We are family.

Will I try to trick you You might not trust me, but what about my adoptive parents They are government officials.

Do you think they are about such chump change”

Jie Jinhua were already 80 – 90% convinced.

She quickly said, “You have such a poor temperament, child.

What have I said, huh Alright.

If you have already given the money to your father, we will just leave it there for the time being.”

Who could resist a temptation like 1,000 in interest

As for it being a scam.

Jie Jinhua did not think that Tong Xuelu would have the courage to scam her.

Even travelling required recommendation letters in this day and age.

She wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without a letter.

If the other Tong family dare take their money, she had no problem going and making a scene at their unit!

Tong Xuelu figured she should stop while she was ahead.

She handed 30 yuan over to her grandmother and said, “Here’s some money for you.

You can spend as you see fit when I get the money back.”

Jie Jinhua’s money had been robbed and, even though the cops said they would do their best to get them back, it still pained her.

Thirty yuan wasn’t a lot of money but, she would have 2,000 yuan in hand in just two more weeks.

She would be the richest old lady in the compound by then!

The thought of that put a wrinkly smile on her old cucumber face.


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