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Chapter 60 - The thought of that put a wrinkly smile on her old cucumber face.


Sun Guilan was the first to feel unhappy.

“What is that we can’t listen to Mom, she’s a sly one.

Don’t fall for it!”

Tong Xuelu frowned and said, “What are you saying, Second Sister-in-law Do you think Grandma is as stupid as you Grandma is obviously a smart person.

Who could possibly fool her”

Jie Jinhua gave her daughter-in-law a displeased stare.

“If you are stupid then don’t say anything.

We all know that you are not a mute!”

Sun Guilan, “……”

Wake up, Mom.

She already had your wrapped around her little finger!

Without having been told, Tong Jiaming had already walked out with both his sister and Tong Jiaxin.

None of those from the hometown moved an inch.

Tong Xuelu suddenly sighed and gave Jie Jinhua a sympathetic look.

“Grandma, I had thought that you are the head of household.

Now it looks like you are just old and sad.

And that you are not able to make the calls at home.

Look, you have just asked them to leave but none of them listened to you.”

Old and sad

Jie Jinhua was almost disgusted by the term!

But what upset her even more was her sons and her daughters-in-law.

Were they challenging her authority as the head of household

Her face dropped and she shouted in a deep voice, “All of you, scram!”

Seeing that Jie Jinhua had lost her temper, her sons and daughters-in-law exchanged a look and finally her sons walked out with their wives in toll.


The people in the compound were having dinner in the courtyard when they suddenly heard a loud roar and were startled.

They then saw the Tong family being kicked out of the house with door slamming shut behind them from the inside.

Old Mrs.

Tong’s craziness certainly seemed bad!

Sun Guilan and the others felt both angry and embarrassed being kicked out of the house.

Sun Guilan saw that her son wasn’t comfortable sitting on the ground and wanted to borrow a stool for him.

“Sister Cai, do you still remember me”

Seeing her walking toward her, Aunty Cai splashed the water in her hand right in front of her and said, “No!”

She then turned and went insider her house without so much as looking over at her.

Sun Guilan was stunned for a while.

What had she done Aunty Cai was quite friendly the last few times they were over

Sun Guilan was so angry that her face turned beet red when she recollected herself.

She was going to find out from the other families what was the problem with Aunty Cai.

Lo and behold, as though on cue, all of the others said they didn’t remember and started to leave before they were even finished talking.

Oh, that had upset her so!

Feng Zhaodi, too, was planning to network some with those in the courtyard but, having witnessed what happened to Sun Guilan, she quickly gave up on that idea.

“I can’t shake this feeling that something was very off.

Daddy of the child, you go ask around some tomorrow and find out whether Tong Zhenzhen has really been sent to the farm.”

Tong Sanzhuang picked his ear with his hand before stretching his hand out in front of her.

“I will need money for the car ride.”

Feng Zhaodi gave him a stare and said in a low voice.

“Lower your voice.

I’ll give you the money in a little bit!”

Her mother-in-law and Sun Guilan were two idiots who put their money inside their luggage.

That had cost the family to lose several hundred yuan.

She lied when she said that her money, too, was in her luggage.

She had sew them into her pants and it was all still there!

Inside of the house.

Tong Xuelu sat next to Jie Jinhua and said with an affectionate look, “Grandma, I feel so close to you the minute that I saw you.

I felt as though I have seen you in the past.

I think that’s what the tie of blood and flesh is all about.”

Jie Jinhua didn’t care about what Tong Xuelu was saying.

She pursed her lips and said, “Stop with the nonsense.

Where’s the death benefit”

Tong Xuelu found her reaction a little odd, but she didn’t put too much thought into that.

“Grandma, I can’t give you the death benefit yet.”


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