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Chapter 57 - My cousin Tong Yanliang took advantage of a woman (4)

Two of them, however, weren’t all that happy.

They were Jie Jinhua and Tong Yanliang.

With her split lip and missing tooth, Jie Jinhua wasn’t able to chew on the pork leg.

Tong Yanliang’s mouth was fine but, for some in explicable reasons, his tool was hurting again and it was hurting so much that he had no appetite at all.

A standup comic had once said that: Kindness is not smacking my lips when I eat meat in front of those who are starving.

Tong Xuelu, on the other hand, was not only smacking her lips, she couldn’t have enjoyed herself more in front of them.

“Grandma, cousin Tong Yanliang, it was such a bummer that you can’t enjoy this.

This braised pork leg is sooooo good!

“Just look.

This pork leg had been braised for hours and its skin had turned a bright fried sugar color.

The meat is flaky but not overcooked.

Just one bite and your mouth will be filled with the marination taste.

The meat is soft and has a good texture.

It is so delectable!”

With Tong Xuelu’s description, Jie Jinhua and Tong Yanliang both gulped.

Jie Jinhua: Shoot, she seems to be getting hungrier.

Tong Yanliang: Shoot, his tool seems to be hurting even more.

As she chewed on the pork leg, she said, “Cousin Tong Yanliang, since your anatomy hurts so much, would you like me to……”

Now Tong Yanliang got a headache every time he heard her talking.

He interrupted her impatiently, “Can you stop calling me by my full name” And can you just shut up

Tong Xuelu cocked her head and thought about it some.


I won’t call you by your full name going forward.

I’ll call you Liangliang.”


Tong Yanliang’s lips twitched, “……”

Hot dang.

Why would any man use such a nickname

Regardless, his anatomy was hurting again and he didn’t want to look at Tong Xuelu’s face anymore.

Looking at Tong Yanliang’s pitiful look, Tong Jiaming’s lips pursed and there was finally a hint of a smile in his eyes.

Everyone else other than Jie Jinhua and Tong Yanliang thoroughly enjoyed their food and had a great time.

After dinner, Tong Xuelu borrowed Huang Xianglan and Chen Dani’s lunch boxes and had them filled them up with meat dumplings.

And the group headed back to the compound.

After the Tong family had entered their house, they didn’t even check with Tong Xuelu before the crashed onto the bed without so much as removing their shoes.

They even bossed around Tong Jiaming to get them tea.


They were totally acting like Master Landlord and his wife.

Tong Xuelu had Tong Jiaming do as he was told and went over to Aunty Cai’s place with the two boxes of dumplings.

When Tong Mianmian saw her sister, she was so happy that her eyes curved.

“Big Sister, you are back!”

Tong Xuelu picked up the little bun who had thrown herself at her and asked, “Have you two had dinner yet”

The little bun patted her own stomach and said, “Not yet.”

Aunty Cai stuck her head out and said, “I’m cooking as we speak.”

Tong Xuelu produced the two boxes of dumplings and had the kids start on them.

The kids cheered when they saw the meat dumplings.

Aunty Cai chastised her in a friendly way, “How come you are spending money again You will be needing money on many things! You need to stop buying things like that in the future!”

Tong Xuelu smiled and said, “I won’t do that again.

Let’s just let the kids enjoy them now.”

The kids buried their heads into the food.

Tong Jiaxin, in particular, was having a whole dumpling per bite.

He enjoyed it so much that his eyes narrowed.

The others came over when they saw that Tong Xuelu was back.

“Girl, what happened to your grandmother and the others Why are they beaten up for no reasons”

Upon hearing that, Tong Xuelu put on an embarrassed look and said, “Em…… my grandmother won’t let me share the story.”

The others became nosier when they heard that.

“What is it that you can’t share”

“Yeah, Girl, hurry up and tell us.

We promise the story will stay here!”

Tong Xuelu blushed a little.

“They were beaten up because…… my cousin Tong Yanliang took advantage of some woman.

He groped her butt!”


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