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Chapter 52 - Welp, that was a bit awkward.


The little boy’s grandmother felt bad for her grandson.

She picked him up and started shouting.

“You #&@($& with no offspring, I will kill you if anything happen to my grandson!”

The old woman was certainly no nice person.

The “no offspring” part hit Tong Yanliang where it hurt the most.

Looking vicious, he said, “You think that can scare me He is lucky that I didn’t kill him first!”

The old woman was so angry that her nose was crooked.

But, before she could say anything, Jie Jinhua and her two daughters-in-law joined in the fight.

Cuss words like b**** or ******* came rolling out of their mouths and the lobby was bustling with noises.

A chubby nurse came over and shouted at them.

“Shut up, all of you.

You keep this up I am going to have cops come and arrest all of you!”

Her words made everybody shut up right away.

And that was the scene that Tong Xuelu walked into.

She didn’t need Tong Jiaming’s introduction to figure out that the bunch of tools were the crowd from Beihe.

They reeked so much of tools that not even 10 bottles of perfumes could hide that stench.

Tong Erzhu’s eyes rolled and he suddenly spotted Tong Jiaming standing next to the post.

His triangular eyes stared at him and he said, “Mom, isn’t that the brat Tong Jiaming”

Everybody lost it when the looked over.

Jie Jinhua jumped up and started shouting.

“You brat, what took you so long to get here Where had you been You want me to starve to death, don’t you”

Sun Guilan pursed her lips and said, “We called some 4~5 hours ago and he is just now getting here.

He obviously did that on purpose!”

The others, too, stared at Tong Jiaming viciously, as though he had just killed their fathers.

Tong Xuelu turned and looked over at Tong Jiaming.

The ladder had no expression whatsoever on him.

There was not a hint of warmth in the way that he was looking at the Tong’s.

She tightened her lips and said, “Let’s go and meet them.”

She started walking toward them after she had said that.

She did not have heels on but she walked like she was 1.8 meter in height and very sassy and heroic.

Tong Erzhu’s eyes lit up.

He looked at Tong Xuelu’s fair and smooth face, then over at her chest and, from there, her slender waist.

There was an evil glow in his eyes.

Sun Guilan smacked him on the back of his hand and said with a long face: “What do you think you are looking at”

Tong Erzhu rubbed his chin and chuckled awkwardly.

“Oh, nothing.”

Tong Xuelu walked over to them and said to Jie Jinhua, “Grandma, we are here to pick you up.”


The others were taken aback a little from that referral.

Could this be Tong Dajun’s switched daughter

Wow, she was so exceptionally pretty.

Red lips, white teeth, her skin looks so soft that they could pinch water out of it.

Then there was the way that she dressed.

Yup, she was raised by the high officials.

Her temperament certainly suggested that.

Unlike what was going through their mind, Tong Xuelu looked at the big family in front of her and wondered where did this group of odd-looking individuals come from.

She looked over at Jie Jinhua.

She was in her 50s or 60s, short.

Her skin was dark and coarse.

Her eyes triangular shaped and her cheek bones were tall.

Her mean and nasty personality were short of written on her face.

Tong Dajun’s couple were both good looking and Tong Jiaming, his siblings, and even the original owner’s body got the good genes from them.

She thought that those from Beihe, even if they weren’t as attractive as them, would still be on the same level.

Nevertheless, each of them was worse than the one before them, like a bunch of crude imitation products.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to her.

Perhaps Tong Dajun wasn’t a Tong’s child at all

Tong Dajun, from her memory, did not resemble Jie Jinhua at all.

Nor did he look like his two brothers with their pointy mouth and monkey-shaped faces.

It couldn’t be this cliché, could it

Tong Xuelu felt that there was a need to look into Tong Dajun’s situation but now was not the time.


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