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Chapter 51 - Welp, that was a bit awkward.


“I’m not sure yet.

They called the factory saying that they had been robbed.

They are at the hospital right now but they didn’t have money to pay for the bills.

They asked you to bring money over!”

Tong Xuelu frowned.

“Was that what happened No wonder Jiaming didn’t see them at the train station!”

Manager Ma was heaving and he finally noticed Tong Jiaming standing next to Tong Xuelu.

“Hurry up and head to the hospital.

You don’t want to waste any more time!”

Tong Xuelu nodded repeatedly.

“I’ll head home and grab the money.

Thanks, Manager Ma!”

Manager Ma waved and sent her on her way.

Tong Xuelu returned to the company and immediately made sure that everyone had heard about the incident.

“Aunty Cai! Aunty Cai!”

Aunty Cai was startled by her call and quickly ran out from their neighbor’s house.

“What is it What is it What’s the matter, Xuelu”

Tong Xuelu frowned and gave her a worried look.

“Aunty Cai, Manager Ma had just informed me that my grandmother and cousin had been beaten and were now in the hospital.

I need to bring money over to them.

Can you please help me look after Jiaxin and Mianmian in the meantime”

Aunty Cai was shocked.

“Oh my gosh.

They were beaten up By whom”

Tong Xuelu repeated the story again.

“I have no idea why they were beaten up.

I am heading over to the hospital now.

I’ll fill you in later.”

Aunty Cai comforted her.


You two hurry up and go.

I’ll look after Jiaxin and Mianmian.

Don’t worry too much.

They should be fine.”

“Thank you, Aunty Cai.”

Tong Xuelu’s voice cracked a little.

She took the money and walked out of their house frowning.

Her brows unfurrowed as soon as she walked out of the compound.

She didn’t want to get wrinkles from frowning too much.

Tong Jiaming had already gotten used to seeing her instant expression change.


The two took a car ride over to the city but didn’t head over to the hospital right away.

“Let’s go grab a bite at the government-operated restaurant first before we head over.”

Tong Jiaming was taken aback a little but finally followed her quietly without asking anything.

The meal took another two hours.

The group from the hometown was tired and hungry at the hospital.

Jie Jinhua and Tong Yanliang, in particular, were hurting all over and had been very impatient a long time ago.

Tong Yanliang was enraged.

“Grandma, when are they going to come over”

Even though they had already had medicines, a certain part of his anatomy was still smarting and he couldn’t quite cover it up in front of everyone.

What a hazzle!

Sun Guilan felt bad for her son for one but was also so hungry that she could cuss her own mother out.

“Mom, it’s been a few hours already.

Would Jiaming and the others not come at all”

Jie Jinhua had a split lip and lost a tooth.

Her cheek was swollen and was not in any better shape than Tong Yanliang.

Her face was long like an old cucumber.

“If he dares not to come, I will skin him later!”

Tong Erzhu held his stomach that was flat from hungry, spit, and said angrily, “That child is just like his parents and is a scheming one at his young age.

Perhaps he was stalling on purpose!”

All of the Tong family members looked unhappy when they heard that.

Other than Jie Jinhua, even the luggage of Tong Erzhu and Tong Sanzhuang had been robbed from them.

The entire family had not a penny between them.

They had finished all of the wowotau the night before.

They figured they would have Tong Jiaming treat them to the government-operated restaurant when they arrived in the morning.

What happened after that was not expected.

They had no money and they were beaten up.

They had not even had a sip of water for over 10 hours since that morning.

They were so hungry that the front of their stomach was stuck to their back.

How could they possibly be in a good mood

A little boy around 4 or 5 was playing in the lobby and suddenly bumped into Tong Yanliang.

The little kid didn’t even feel any pain but looked up and gave Tong Yanliang a big smile.

Tong Yanliang, being bumped into by the boy, his certain anatomy tugged, and it hurt so much that he shoved the boy and said, “Stay away from me!”

The little boy, pushed onto the ground, started to bawl.


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