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Chapter 47 - "Someone come.

Take me to the hospital!" (3)

Tong Xuelu had wanted to head to the government-operated restaurant to talk to Huang Xianglan about her cousin but she had just taken a day off yesterday and would need to take another day off tomorrow.

It seemed wrong to take today off as well.

She had no choice but to put that on a back burner.

The next morning, those at the compound saw the Tong siblings standing in the in the courtyard in a row like some sort of military training.

Tong Xuelu said to Tong Jiaming, “You head over to the train station right now.

If you can meet up with Grandma and the others, take them over to the government-operated restaurant.

Don’t worry about money.

Grandma is old and not in her best health.

We should put her interest before ours.”

Tong Jiaming nodded expressionlessly, “Okay.

I will head over there right now.”

Tong Xuelu then looked over at Tong Jiaxin.

“You wait at home.

In case your brother missed them, Grandma and the others will at least not be locked out.”

Tong Jiaxin responded loudly, “Okay! I won’t go anywhere.

I will wait right here for Grandma!”

Tong Xuelu nodded in satisfaction.

Lastly, she looked down at the groggy-looking Tong Mianmian.

Tong Mianmian rubbed her misty eyes and said in her milky voice, “That must have been a long trip, Grandma.

Mianmian wants to give Grandma a back massage.”

“Our Mianmian is so awesome!” Tong Xuelu praised.

“Alright, let’s go and take care of what we need to then.”

As soon as she had finished saying that, Tong Jiaming turned and left.

Tong Jiaxin sat down by the door with Tong Mianmian and Tong Xuelu was about to take off with her military purse across her shoulder.

Those within the compound quickly stopped her.

“Girl, do you not plan on going to work and school then”

Tong Xuelu let out a slight sigh.

“My grandmother only became the way she did because of what happened to my parents.

As such, me and siblings want to do something that could perhaps cheer her up a little.

We have taken a few days off our school and work to spend time with her.

Aunties, I need to go stand in line at the C**C to get some meats.

I worry that they will be all gone if I get there too late.

I’ll talk with you later.”

“Okay, you be on your way then.”

Everybody looked at her with a tender look and they all looked touched.

What a filial child she was!

Tong Xuelu acknowledged them docilely, turned, and her lips curved up right away.

She was professional when it came to making things up.

Over at the train station.

Jie Jinhua and her company picked up their luggage and got off the train along with the crowd.

Lo and behold, she had just gotten one foot on the ground when a man bumped into her forcefully from behind.

She stumbled forward and almost fell on the group.

“Hey, watch where you are going! I……”

Jie Jinhua was so angry that she started shouting right way but, before she could even stop talking, someone gave her a switch kick on her butt.

“Oh gosh.

Oh my gosh……”

She was kicked onto the ground, face down.

She felt burning pain on her cheeks and lips.

Moving her lips, she could taste blood in her mouth.

“Pei pei pei!”

She sat up and spit out a few mouthfuls of spittle and, along with it, one of her incisors.

Oh lord.

Her tooth! Her tooth!

“I am going to kill you!”

Jie Jinhua scrambled back up onto her feet angrily and saw a man picking up her luggage and dashed.

That was when she realized something had gone horribly wrong––

“Help! Someone just robbed me!”

There were a lot of people at the train station and it was very chaotic.

Someone from somewhere shouted out, “Knife! Someone’s wielding a knife!”

A lot of shrieking could be heard and passengers started running in all directions.

Jie Jinhua had no idea where her two sons were pushed around to by the other people at the train station.

She had shoved around by others until she finally slammed right onto Tong Yanliang, her grandson.

As though a drowning person who had grabbed onto the last straw, she quickly said to him, “Yanliang, hurry up and get our luggage back!”

She hadn’t planned on returning to the village after this trip so she had brought with her all of her possessions, including money and tickets.

Tong Yanliang knew that as well so he immediately ran after the man.

“Don’t you run, you XXXX! Give me back our luggage!”

He was young with long legs and he quickly caught up to the man who robbed them of their luggage.

He grabbed the man’s arm and was about to get violent with him.

“I am going to…..”


He wasn’t even done talking when he was punched on his face.

“You XXXX.

Just what are you going to do about that huh”

That was followed by another punch.


Tong Yanliang felt that his nose was aching.

Tears rolled down his cheeks and blood came out of his nose.

He ran his hand over it and saw bright red blood on his palm.

He, he, he was bleeding!

Tong Yanliang’s brain short-circuited for a second there and he gritted his teeth after he had recollected himself.

“I am going to kill you!”

He had been in fights back in the village before and, when he was enraged, would attack where it hurt the most.

The man never wanted to waste more time on him and was also infuriated ow.

He kicked him right where it hurt the most––

Tong Yanliang let out an “aoru” and his face turned black instantly, then red, before he crumbled onto the ground.

His hands covering where it hurt the most and he curled up like a dried shrimp.

“Someone come.

Take me to the hospital……” It hurt, hurt, hurt!

Tong Jiaming, witnessing the scene behind a post, casually took his step back, turned, and walked out of the train station.

He, saw nothing.


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