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Chapter 45 - "Someone come.

Take me to the hospital!" (1)

They hadn’t quite completely forgiven Tong Xuelu yet; however, comparing to the locusts from their hometown, they would much rather stay with Tong Xuelu!

Tong Xuelu would not hit them or shout at them and she was nice to their little sister.

Most importantly, her cooking was delectable!

Just from that last point, they could overlook many of her past mistakes.

Those from their hometown were not the same.

They’d bully the three of them every time they came in the past.

Their little sister, in particular, would end up crying every time.

And, they would ask their parents for money every time and demanded meats with every meal.

As such, their family would be in debt after each visit!

Tong Xuelu carried on to say, “Very well.

I am going to assign you tasks then.

Tong Jiaxin.”

“Right here!”

“Your job is to protect Mianmian.

When those from the home town came, you will take a few days sick leave and stay with Mianmian every single moment of every day and not let her get hurt at all.

Can you do that”

It sounds like she was overreacting but, recalling what had happened to Tong Mianmian in the novel, she only wished she could kill Tong Yanliang.

That’s right.

Tong Yanliang was the creepy cousin who violated Tong Mianmian in the novel.

VIP scum!

Tong Jiaming felt that it was a waste of his talent to have him protect their little sister but the thought of not needing to go to school made his eyes beamed.

“Yes! I will protect little sister and not let her be hurt at all!”

Immediately after he had said that Tong Mianmian, who was sleeping in bed, rolled to one side and talked in her milky voice in her sleep, “Bad Third Brother.

No candies for you!”

Tong Jiaming looked like he had a toothache.


His little sister was certainly a white-eyed wolf that wouldn’t grow close to him!

Tong Xuelu’s lips curved upward.

She turned to look at Tong Jiaming.

“You, too, will take sick days off of school starting day after tomorrow.

You will go pick them up from the train station but, after you’ve met up with them, don’t bring them straight here……”

“Where are we taking them Put them up in a hotel” Tong Jiaxin interjected with a curious look.

“Take them to the government-operated restaurant.”

Tong Jiaxin’s thick brows twisted into two caterpillars when he heard that.

“Why are we taking them to the government-operated restaurant”

They were such annoying people.

He didn’t even want to spend a penny on them.

Tong Xuelu said, “You let me worry about that.”

“Look at her, Second Brother!”

Tong Xuelu rolled her eyes.

He even tried to tell on her.

Was he a grade school student

Tong Jiaming, on the other hand, was not as excitable as Tong Jiaxin.

He thought about it some and nodded, “Okay.”

Tong Xuelu nodded with satisfaction when she saw that.

She turned toward Tong Jiaxin and said to him, “See that You need to learn a thing or two from your Second Brother.”

Tong Jiaming was a calm and stable person and would help her out a lot.

He would not object to her in front of others even though he had yet to find out what her plan was.

He kept to his words: Even if he couldn’t trust her 100%, the least that he could do was to not pull her legs.

Tong Jiaxin, “……”

He felt that he was looked down on.

Welp, that was annoying.

Tong Xuelu didn’t pay Tong Jiaxin any attention.

She adjourned their family meeting before she bathed and went to bed.

She needed to be well rested for the upcoming battle!


The Tong family was still having sweet potato porridge with pickled vegetables the next day.

As the saying goes, it is easy to go from rags to riches than the other way around.

After the few good meals, the Tong siblings found it difficult to go back to pickled or boiled vegetables.

“When can we have meats again”

Tong Jiaxin’s belief: Life is incomplete without meats!

Tong Xuelu took a sip of the sweet potato porridge assistant director said, “Somewhere between 7 to 10 days.”

She gave herself 10 days’ time.

She would take at most 10 days to take care of the group of locusts and scums from Beihe.

Tong Jiaxin smacked his lips.

Still 10 more days before he could have something yummy again.

That was just awful! This was all the fault of those from Beihe.

They were certainly a bunch of jerks!


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