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Chapter 37 - She could go on and on for three days about her misfortunes.


Those back home at Beihe should be receiving the letter within the next couple of days and it only took one day and one night to get from Beihe to Capital City.

Long story short, they would be storming in by next week.

Now that she had her household register settled, the death benefits in her hand, and had sold off one of the positions, all in all, all of her tasks had been completed.

Now if only she could swap herself to a cozier position, that would be perfect.

Suddenly, she heard what the two servers were talking about behind her ­­––

“Why did your cousin want to swap positions with you Both of you work at government-operated restaurant, what is the point of that”

The long-haired serve signed and said, “My cousin’s mother-in-law and her husband beat her up all the time.

She thought maybe if she could get a job that is further away, she wouldn’t have to live at home and maybe she wouldn’t be beaten then.”

She felt bad for her cousin but all of her family was here.

Besides, she had nowhere to stay in the city.

Was she supposed to rent a place

“I feel that even if you agree to swap with her, her mother-in-law and her husband wouldn’t let her come!”

“Yeah, you are right about that.

She called me the next day to recant that.

I heard from my mom later on that my cousin had barely mentioned it and her husband beat her up again……”

Tong Xuelu’s eyes rolled.

Government-operated restaurant huh……

That would be a great job.

It was not tired and she could have good food every day.

Besides, she liked to cook.

That was like the perfect job for her.

Tong Xuelu finished up her steamed date cake and got ready to put on another show.

BANG! A loud sound resounded inside the restaurant.

Tong Xuelu slammed her palm down onto the table top and said, “That is going too far!”

The two servers, “ ”

There were people who could be more arrogant than them at this day and age

Chen Dani, the short-hair server, stood up, her hands on her waists, and shouted at Tong Xuelu, “What do you think you are doing Are you going to pay for the table if you damage it”

Tong Xuelu turned around and had a very aggravated look on her.

“I apologize, fellow comrades.

I wasn’t trying to destroy any public property; I am merely too angry when I overheard your conversation!

“As a woman, not only are we expected to give birth and raise the children, we also have to go to work, even during our pregnancy.

In addition, we are expected to take care of the housework and everybody within the household.

Nevermind that nobody appreciated all of our work, but we also have to be the punching bag in addition to that As a woman, I feel both awful and angry after hearing the story about the big sister!”

She clenched her fists and her veins were showing toward the end of her speech.

She looked like she wanted to beat someone up.

Huang Xianglan, the long-haired server was still single and couldn’t really relate to what Tong Xuelu had said but Chen Dani could totally relate to that.

Even though her husband and her mother-in-law didn’t beat her up but they would definitely give her the unhappy look.

Her mother-in-law started being unhappy with her after she had given birth to two daughters.

Her mother-in-law said to her how she thought she was a good one because of her big butt but all she did was give birth to a string of useless girls.

She recalled that she didn’t even get her one-month’s rest after she had given birth to her second child and would get up early in the cold winter to do laundry for the entire family.

That was when her health started to decline.

Now her menstruation was very painful every time.

All the way until she had given birth to a son, her mother-in-law had finally stopped talking about having her son marry someone else.

As for her man, he was just one who was cross as home.

He would take it out on her whenever he had a bad day outside of the house!

She could go on and on for three days about her misfortune.


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