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Chapter 36 - She could go on and on for three days about her misfortunes.


Plant Manager Yu was very afraid of a woman’s tears.

His head swelled up to twice its original size when he saw the tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Okay, okay.

You can stop crying now! What is important is that you realized that you had made a mistake.

Everyone make mistakes, not to mention that you are still young and don’t know any better.

I am sure your parents will forgive you if they know!”

Tong Xuelu looked at Plant Manager Yu through teary eyes.

“Really You think my parents will forgive me”

Plant Manager Yu nodded immediately, “Yes, I am sure of that!”

Tong Xuelu put on a relieved look.

“I feel much better now.”

Plant Manager Yu, too, felt relieved when Tong Xuelu finally stopped crying.

He had felt that she was an ungrateful one but, now that tears were streaming down her face and she had said so much from the bottom of her heart, he felt that he might have misunderstood her.

That and he had accepted a prescription from her, so how could he continue to chastise her

Tong Xuelu dried her tears and said with a serious look.

Tong Xuelu wiped away her tears and said with a serious look.

“There is no point in talking about the past now.

Right now, I only want to work hard and support my three younger siblings and raise them to be a constructive part of the society.

Plant Manager, I ask of you and the organization to supervise me going forward!”

“Good! I am glad that you already had that figured out at your young age.

Keep it up!”

Tong Xuelu was very high spirited.

“Yes, Plant Manager.

I will dedicate all my heart and soul to the factory, the Tong family, and strive to be an activist in the workforce!”

Upon hearing that, Plant Manager Yu finally nodded with satisfaction, pulled open the drawer and took out the death benefits.

His plan was to give them to the family members over in the village when they came but, now that Tong Xuelu did not look as unreliable as he had initially thought, he might as well just give it to her.

Either way, they belonged to the Tong family.

Walking out of Plant Manager Yu’s office with the death benefits in hand.

Tong Xuelu, after making sure that there was nobody around her, sniffed at the envelope.

The smell of money was so amazing.

Acting, however, was hard work and tiring, she decided to give herself a day off.

She quickly obtained the permission from Manager Ma.

The reason of her time off: She needed to buy some nutritious food to send back to her grandmother back home who had lost her mind.

And why wouldn’t Manager Ma give her the day off for such a filial act

Tong Xuelu headed straight toward the government-operated restaurant after walking out of the factory.


As it was already past lunch time when she arrived at the restaurant, there weren’t any other customers.

There were two female workers sat to one side chitchatting with each other.

“Hi Comrade, do you have any meat dish”

For the sake of appearing poor, all she cooked the last few days were cabbage or collard greens.

She was dying from the plain food.

“No No No.

You want meat after lunch hours In your dreams!” replied the short-haired server impatiently.

A server with her attitude could easily be drowned by spittle in the modern world but servers at this era could afford to be this arrogant!

Tong Xuelu wasn’t about to get upset at other people’s rudeness.

“What do you have then”

The long-haired server said, “We have green bean soup and steamed date cake.

You want”

“Yes, yes.

One of each, please.”

The long-haired server said to her, “Green bean soup is 0.11 yuan each and steamed date cake 0.09 yuan.

Your total comes out to be 0.20 yuan and 2 meal tickets and 1 sugar ticket.”

That was so cheap.

Tong Xuelu quickly pulled out her money and tickets.

The long-haired server accepted her money and tickets and brought the food over to her before she went right back at her chatting career.

The green bean soup wasn’t sweet enough but the steamed date cake wasn’t half bad.

Tong Xuelu thought everything through while she ate.


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