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Chapter 35 - She could go on and on for three days about her misfortunes.


Plant Manager Yu returned in the afternoon, as expected.

His mother had gotten sick back in the village and gave him a call that she was on her death bed.

He had quickly arranged matters over on his end and rushed back.

In the past few days, he had taken redeye train back home to take care of his mother, then taken another redeye back to Capital City after his mother was stabilized and was exhausted from his trip.

As soon as he had sat down and before he hadn’t even had the chance to take a sip of water before Manager Ma walked in with a solemn look.

“Plant Manager Yu, I want to talk to you about the death benefits for the Tong family.”

Plant Manager Yu put down his ceramic mug and said, “Go ahead.”

Manager Ma talked about how the Tong couple were good workers before they passed away and how pitiful the kids were after they had passed away.

She mentioned how Tong Dajun’s mother had gone mad.

All in all, the Tong family had suffered such tragic and Plant Manager Yu would be a horrible person if he didn’t release the death benefit to Tong Xuelu as soon as possible!

Plant Manager Yu, as someone who was able to make it to his role, was not simple person.

“You meant to tell me that Tong Dajun’s daughter had returned and is not working in our factory”

Manager Ma nodded.

“The kid is a hard worker and cares a lot about her siblings.

She is very responsible child.”

Plant Manager Yu waved his hand and said, “Alright, I get it.

Send her to my office.”

He didn’t buy Manager Ma’s words.

What kind of reliable person would not want to recognize their own parents

Manager Ma, not know what was going through Plant Manager Yu’s mind, quickly went to fetch Tong Xuelu.

Tong Xuelu headed over to Plant Manager Yu’s office at a moderate pace after she had thanked Manager Ma.

Anyone that could be labeled a green tea is very good at reading people.

Tong Xuelu could tell that Plant Manager Yu was disgruntled with her the moment that she walked inside his office.

No explanation would do her any good at this point, so she decided on a different approach.

She pulled out a piece of paper as she walked up to Plant Manager Yu.

“I heard that Plant Manager’s mother had been feeling well.

I have a prescription that was passed down from an imperial doctor.

It will strengthen one’s body.

Plant Manager can take a look and see if it is suitable for your mom.”


Plant Manager Yu’s words were stuck in his throat, as was his words to reject her office.

Prescriptions from imperial doctors were very valuable.

His mother’s poor health stemmed from her past.

In particularly over the few years of the great starvation, she was emancipated while trying to save as much food as possible for her siblings.

Her days had become better afterward but not so much her health.

He paused and picked up the slip.

“Where… did you get this from”

Tong Xuelu lied with a serious look.

“I got it from my adoptive parents.”

It was actually a prescription from an herbal medicinal doctor from her previous life.

It was overall nourishing and could be used by anyone.

“Thank you, Comrade Xiao Tong.”

Tong Xuelu put on a docile look.

“You are very welcome, Plant Manager.

You should put that away so others won’t see it.”

Plant Manager Yu folded the piece of paper and put it inside of his pocket before he said to her, “How come you didn’t show up after your parents’ accident”

His tone was much milder after what had just transpired.

Tong Xuelu’s eyes reddened and began her show in a second or less.

“I know Plant Manager thinks that I am an immature child but, when I suddenly learned out of the blue that my parents whom I had been with my entire life was not my real parents, I felt very scared and lost.

By the time I was no longer scared and lost, my parents had already wuwuwuwu……

“Once, the sincerest form of love had been placed in front of me but I didn’t know to appreciate it.

I regretted so much after it was lost.

That was the most tragic thing in one’s life.

If only heaven would allow me a second chance, I will definitely say to my parents that I am sorry!”

Tears streamed down her cheers toward the end of her speech.


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