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Chapter 33 - Tong Zhenzhen is going away.


Old Lin’s wife wasn’t the only one enraged by Tong Xuelu; there was also Tong Zhenzhen.

Looking like a mad woman, her face was green and black.

“You want to send me to the farm Are you really my birth parents!”

Mother Tong’s eyes reddened and there was guilt in her eyes.

“I am so sorry, Zhenzhen.

Mom didn’t want this to happen either but it really is your fault this time……”

“You shut up! I’ve done nothing wrong! It was Tong Zhenzhen that ***** who hit me but you refused to believe me.

I knew it.

In your mind, she is your real daughter!”

Tong Zhenzhen was screaming hysterically as she stared at Mother and Father Tong through gritted teeth.

Mother Tong found her chest heaving up and down being shouted at by her own daughter.

She almost couldn’t breathe.

Father Tong shouted at her with a strict face, “You calm down right now! Who talks like that to their own parents”

Tong Zhenzhen was somewhat intimidated by Father Tong but that didn’t mean she could calm down right away.

Father Tong said, “I understand that you are not happy but what happened back then was not Xuelu’s fault and she had already taken off from the Tong family.

Why do you need to continue to pick on her”

“……” Tong Zhenzhen gritted her teeth so much that she could crush them.

“She was the one who picked on me first!”

Father Tong interrupted her shouting.

“That’s enough.

There’s no point in talking about this anymore! The scope of your actions was too big for us to protect you! But, don’t worry, I’ve already talked to the people over at the farm.

They wouldn’t give you a hard time over there.

Just reform there and you will be able to return after one year!”

The political atmosphere had been very volatile over the last few years, especially in the 60s.

Many people were denounced over minor issues and every one lived like they were treading on thin ice.

It’d seem that the political atmosphere had been stabilizing but who could say that for certain

If someone was to use that as a reason and accused the family of abusing their power, the whole family would go down.

It was necessary to sacrifice Tong Zhenzhen for the family.

He knew that it wasn’t fair for her but whose fault was it after all It was her own fault.

Father Tong took Mother Tong with him and left after he was done talking.

Tong Zhenzhen was so angry that she wanted to scream.

But being angry would not do her any good.

She was sent to the farm after two days.

Even though the Tong family had bought her a lot of good food and other items, that did not quell her anger.

She was upset at the entire Tong’s family this time.

Tong Xuelu quickly heard the news after Tong Zhenzhen had left.

Even though she could only keep Tong Zhenzhen at the farm for a year, but one year’s time was enough for her to establish herself at Capital City.

As for whether Tong Zhenzhen would seek revenge against her on her return, she would cross that bridge when she came to it.

Inside the base, Wen Rugui, too, heard the good news.

“…… The Tong’s daughter had been sent to the farm and would not be returning within a year.”

Wen Rugui’s voice was nonchalant.

“Mmm, thank you.”

“C’mon, we are not the kind of relationship where you need to thank me.

Oh right, how come you are interested at the Tong’s matters all of a sudden I didn’t think the Wen’s and the Tong’s cross paths”

“I know one of them.”

The person who heard that became interested.

Their voice was gossipy.

“Who is it Is it a man or a woman”

“Not someone you’d know.

I owe you one for this.”

Wen Rugui hung up on the phone after this.

Sunlight cascading in from outside the window and was reflected off his white shirt.

His gaze seemed to be focused on a certain spot outside the window but not really.

Within the white light was a boy around 4 ~ 5 yeas old, kneeling in the middle of shattered bowls and plates, begging for forgiveness.

“I’m sorry, Mom.

I won’t do that again.

Please don’t hit me anymore.

It hurts so much.”

Bright red blood came out of the little boy’s knees and reddened the floor.

A voice came from behind him, “Rugui, the manager asked for you.”

Wen Rugui recollected himself and responded slower than usual.


I’ll be heading over.”

He turned to leave and, after taking a few steps, turned back to look in the direction of the window.

The little boy outside was already gone.


Translator's notes:

For clarification, Zhou Fang is not really Old Lin’s wife’s sister-in-law.

Old Lin’s wife merely referred to her that way to be respectful.

No different than Tong Xuelu addressing Zhou Fang as “Sister Zhou Fang”.


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