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Chapter 239 - “How did you and your girlfriend make your relationship official” (3)

Edited by: Lulu

Wen Rugui was about to head upstairs with the dried chrysanthemum when Old Mr.

Wen asked, “Have you cleared everything up with Miss Young Grass yet”

Wen Rugui said nothing.

It wasn’t difficult for Old Mr.

Wen to guess the situation from that reaction.

“You little jerk.

You just continue to eat and take from her.

Aren’t you ashamed that you owe Young Grass so much by now The only way that you can repay her is to marry her!”


Wen Rugui, who was on his way upstairs, stopped in his tracks and almost missed a step when he heard Old Mr.

Wen’s absurd proposition.

After Wen Rugui had retired upstairs, Old Mr.

Wen had Uncle Zong re-fry the sweet and crispy taros.

Uncle Zong was about to start eating when Old Mr.

Wen stopped him and said in a caring voice, “Xiao Zong, the doctor said that you have high blood sugar.

You shouldn’t have more than one.”

Uncle Zong, “…….”

Commander, you were the one with high blood sugar!

Wen Rugui laid down in bed after he had taken a shower.

Staring at the ceiling, he did not feel sleepy at all.

He kept on thinking about Old Mr.

Wen’s words earlier.

You are fond of Young Grass

“Fond of.” He repeated the two words in his mind over and over again.

Tong Xuelu’s smiling face popped into his head immediately, and his heart started pounding uncontrollably.

He returned to the base the next day.

He had just sat down when Zhou Yan came over.

“You took more time off”

Wen Rugui replied casually, “I had something going on at home.”

Zhou Yan walked inside and happened to notice the dried chrysanthemum on his table.

“Oh, awesome.

My throat has been feeling scratchy for the last couple of days.

I can use some of those.”

He was just about to take some, but before he could reach them, the dried chrysanthemum was taken away by Wen Rugui and locked into the cabinet.

Confused and cautious, Zhou Yan said, “Rugui, I’ve noticed that you have been acting strangely as of late.

Never mind that you have been taking time off left and right, but you have also become very petty.”

They were only talking about some dried chrysanthemums.

Why did he need to lock them up in the cabinet

Wen Rugui pulled out the scaphium affine from an unlocked cabinet and handed it over to him.

“Scaphium affine is more effective.

Take these.”

Now that Zhou Yan had the scaphium affine, he no longer cared about the dried chrysanthemums.

He was just about to take off when Wen Rugui stopped him..

“Zhou Yan, how did you know that you liked your girlfriend”

Zhou Yan looked shocked.

“Rugui, why are you asking Do you have a girlfriend”

Wen Rugui blinked at him blankly and said, “No.

I have a friend who isn’t sure whether he likes a girl or not, so he had me ask you for him.”

Zhou Yan’s mouth cracked open.

“Then you are asking the right person! That being said, how is your friend so slow that he doesn’t even know if he likes the girl or not


Nevermind! I’ll tell you.

When you like someone, you would want to see her all the time.

You’d think about doing what’s best for them all the time.

If she smiles, you’d feel happier than everyone else.

If they are in trouble, you would feel very anxious and wish you could take care of everything for her!”

Wen Rugui’s hand that was carrying a ceramic mug trembled that he almost spilled the water.

He still looked nonchalant as usual, but there was a storm raging inside him.

He was experiencing everything that Zhou Yan was talking about!

So he was fond of Comrade Tong!

Seeing that Wen Rugui was dazed, Zhou Yan snapped his fingers in front of his face.

“Hello Earth to Wen Rugui.

Do you have any other questions”

Wen Rugui recollected himself, but he couldn’t hide the tips of his ears, which slightly turned red.

“How did you and your girlfriend make your relationship official”

Zhou Yan was smiling from ear to ear.

“Oh, that’s easy.

I confessed.

You just need to say it out loud.

Girls are normally shier, so we, as men, must be more direct!”

Zhou Yan emotionally played the role of an experienced relationship consultant for once.

Satisfied, he finally took off with his scaphium affine after making sure that Wen Rugui had no more questions.


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