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Chapter 231 - Seeing his cheeks turn red visibly, Tong Xuelu was dumbfounded.


“So he was the nephew of that teacher who was having an affair”

“Yeah, that’s him.

My mom said to stay away from him.

An affair is so embarrassing.”

“That’s what my mom said as well.

She said she will break my legs if I dare play with him!”

Hearing what the others were saying, Jiang Ming’s face turned the color of pig liver, and he started gritting his teeth.

He got back up and was about to lunge at Tong Jiaxin again when he was kicked aside by Tong Jiaming.

Staggering two steps back, he fell onto the ground once again.

Tong Jiaxin jumped up and down in anger.

“Your aunt was in an affair.

Your grandfather was corrupt.

He accepted bribery and stole the country’s properties.

It’s just right that he was arrested.

Your whole family is full of bad people!”

Jiang Ming was taken aback.

His grandfather was arrested

How could that be

His mother had told him that his grandfather had gone out of town and wouldn’t be back for a month.

He recollected himself and said through gritted teeth, “Tong Jiaxin, you coward.

If you keep spewing lies, I am going to go tell the teachers!”

Tong Jiaxin twisted his butt.

“Go right ahead.

Don’t let me stop you.

Your grandfather was arrested.

In fact, he just might get the death penalty!”

The death penalty!

The students around them gasped when they heard that.

All of them moved as far away from Jiang Ming as possible.

Tong Jiaming tucked at Tong Jiaxin’s sleeve and disagreed with his behavior.

“Stop talking already.

Class is about to start.”

Tong Jiaxin finally made a face at Jiang Ming before he turned and ran off.

The other students, too, ran off one by one.

The playground fell into silence all of a sudden.

Jiang Ming was left sitting on the ground.

The more he thought about it, the more scared he was.

He ran back, crying to the adults at home.

Nevertheless, it was chaotic at home, so nobody had the time to pay him any attention.

Jiang Ming was unhappy that he was being ignored by the adults.

As such, he rolled on the ground and threw a fit as usual.

Because of Jiang Huarong, all of the members of the Jiang family had been fired from their jobs.

Everybody was annoyed, scared, and worried.

They wooed Jiang Ming for a little bit, but that did not stop his fit.

Jiang Ming’s father finally got angry and slapped him across his face.

Jiang Ming’s face was pushed to one side, and blood started dripping from his nose.

Jiang Ming had been coddled since he was a child, and nobody had ever laid a finger on him.

As such, he was utterly stunned by the slap, his cheek turning red.

However, being the hard-headed boy that he was, he couldn’t just stay still and be wronged.

Thus, after he had recollected himself, he didn’t even wipe away the blood from his nose before he headbutted his dad in the stomach.

Taking the hit on his stomach unprepared, Jiang Ming’s father gasped from the pain.

He was feeling a little guilty from hitting his son, but now, he was angered all over again and lifted his foot, kicking Jiang Ming away.

Jiang Ming was sent flying, his head bumping into the wall behind him.

Blood started seeping out of the back of his head.

Jiang Ming blinked twice before losing consciousness completely.

In an instant, the Jiang family plunged into chaos.


On top of concrete evidence, there was nothing that the Jiang family could do as multiple forces kept an eye out on Jiang Huarong.

They tried to plead with their friends and families for help, but all of them, who normally buttered up to their family, were avoiding them.

They also tried to look for Jiang Danhong, intending to have her retract her complaint against Jiang Huarong, but they weren’t even able to see her in person!

Jiang Huarong’s sentence had finally been finalized after a few days.

Jiang Huarong received the death penalty for his multiple crimes of abusing the children of war heroes, abusing his power for personal gain, accepting bribery, and encroaching on government properties.

Some of the members of the Jiang family were involved in these crimes as well.

As such, some had been punished and sent to the farm for somewhere between 1-5 years.

Jiang Ming, who was still young and innocent, was not sent to the farm.

Nevertheless, all his family members were sent away, and he was not able to live on his own.

With no other option, he was sent to live with his relatives, but nobody wanted to touch him or be near him within a 10-foot pole.

They didn’t have a choice but to take care of him, however.

As such, the relatives came to an agreement that they would each take him for a period of time.

Jiang Ming was passed around among his relatives.

He wasn’t able to attend school anymore nor was he welcomed at his relatives’ places.

His life had become very pitiful.


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