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Chapter 227 - “What did that woman want” (3)

Zhou Yan looked like he wanted to say something after she was gone but Wen Rugui did not give him that opportunity before he turned and returned to his room.

Jiao Yunshi ran into her mother Zhong Shulan when she returned to the dormitory.

Seeing the happy look on Jiao Yunshi, Zhong Shulan couldn't help but asked, “What happened How come you look so happy”

Jiao Yunshi quickly wiped away her smile and said, “I’m not happy.”

Zhong Shulan asked, “Where did you go earlier I saw you coming back but then you left again immediately after.”

“Comrade Wen was back.

Did you have me bring over the scaphium affine to him earlier I noticed that his voice was still hoarse, so I came and brought that over to him.”

Zhong Shulan looked intensely at her daughter for a little while and nodded.

“That’s right.

If he still hasn’t recovered in a few days, you can bring over some more.”

Jiao Yunshi felt a little awkward being looked at by her mother and she made up an excuse to get away, “I am going to go get some food from the canteen.”

Jiao Yunshi ran into her father on her way out with her lunch box.

She dashed off before Jiao Boshan could even greet her.

When he walked back inside the house, he asked curiously, “Yunshi went to get food Why was she running”

Zhong Shulan poured him a glass of warm water and said, “Yes, she went to get food.

I guess she was feeling shy.”

Jiao Boshan was even more baffled after he heard that.

“Shy What was she shy about”

Zhong Shulan smiled and her crowfeet showed.

“Your student had returned and she dropped off the scalphium affine.

She had been looking happy like that since she had returned.”

Jiao Boshan went quiet after he heard that.

Zhong Shulan sighed when she saw that.

“Don’t worry.

I’m not an unreasonable person.

If Rugui is not interested in Yunshi, I won’t force it.

But we don’t know that just yet, do we Why not give it a try when there’s an opportunity in front of us, am I right”

Jiao Boshan went silent for quite a while before he said, “We’ll see.”

He would have meddled if it was any other student of his.

But not Wen Rugui.

Wen Rugui was still single at his age had to do with his dedication in science, but it also had a lot to do with his family.

He was very traumatized from his parents and lacked security when it came to marriage.

Jiao Boshan was extremely reluctant to try to nudge Wen Rugui along, not even just to mention the thought of it.

Hearing that from her husband, Zhong Shulan pinched her lips shut and did not say anything else.

The atmosphere dulled in the room all of a sudden.


Most people were very poor at this day and age and would not visit the government even on pay days.

Ever since Tong Xuelu had taken over the cooking part, however, the restaurant’s business had been doing better and better.

Whenever it was mealtime, there were a lot more people fighting over seats.

Tan Xiaoyan had lost her voice just shouting at these people in the last couple of days.

This afternoon, a female comrade stayed behind for a long while after lunch.

When Tong Xuelu finally walked out, she immediately ran up to her and said, “Hi, Chef!”

Tong Xuelu studied her, raised her brows a little, and asked, “And you are”

Wang Nianzhen said, “Hi, Chef.

I work in the garment factory nearby and had been here a few times.

Your braised pork is amazing!”

Tong Xuelu didn’t let on too much.

“Thank you.”

Wang Nianzhen suddenly lowered her voice and said, “Chef, there is something that I want to talk to you about.

Do you think you can step outside with me for a little bit”

It was broad daylight right now and Tong Xuelu wasn’t worried that this woman would hurt her.

As such, she followed her out of the restaurant.


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