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Chapter 224 - Tong Xuelu noticed that she had forgotten a very important character all along (3)

Edited by: Lulu

The reason that the investigation on Jiang Huarong had gone so smoothly was not just because of Wen Rugui; there was also the effort of the Xiao family.

Naturally, Xiao Jingshan did not do it for Tong Xuelu.

Rather, he did it for himself.

Jiang Huarong was the director, while he was the assistant director.

The two of them were never on good terms, and as Xiao Jingshan’s title was directly below that of Jiang Huarong’s, he had always been under him.

Now that Jiang Huarong had run into a disaster, it was only natural that Xiao Jingshan wanted to push things along as much as he could.

The Wei family, too, had contributed as well.

Wei Zhigou was currently telling his wife about Jiang Huarong’s crimes.

After Shen Wanrong had heard the story, the normally patient and understanding woman looked angry for a change.

“That heartless bastard.

He should have been punished a long time ago! He even targeted his own niece and nephew for money and power.

He was worse than an animal!”

It would be one thing if he had at least treated the two children nicely after he had stolen his sister-in-law’s dowries.

But not only did he keep their dowries as his own, he further wanted to kill the two children! That was worse than what an animal would do!

After calming down, Shen Wanrong asked, “Didn’t you say last time that we will only interfere when Xuelu asks How come you decided to meddle this time”

Wei Zhigou was rinsing the vegetables as he spoke.

“I didn’t know that he had been mistreating the children of war heroes previously, so it was best if I didn’t get involved.

I don’t know the two war heroes of the Jiang family personally, but Lao Xiao and I fought alongside them.

They have contributed greatly to our country.

Of course, we cannot just stand by now that we have found out.”

Lao Xiao

Shen Wanrong’s eyes widened suddenly.

“I finally know why Xuelu looked so familiar when I first saw her!”

At her sudden outburst, Wei Guozhi turned his head to look at her and asked, “Why”

Shen Wanrong replied, “I have seen a photo of Lao Xiao’s mother some years ago, and Xuelu looked a lot like his mother!”

Wei Guozhi had not expected that answer.

He shook his head and bursted out laughing.

“I can’t believe that you still remember what his mother looked like after all these years.

I can’t remember it at all.”

Shen Wanrong shook her head.

“No, I wouldn’t have been able to either, had you not happened to bring up Lao Xiao.

Too bad Lao Xiao had gone through life without ever getting married.

I would really think that Xuelu was related to them otherwise.”

Wei Guozhi smiled and said, “We can certainly have them meet up next time he comes to town.”

That night, when Shen Wanrong brought over vegetables to the Tong’s, she jokingly brought Lao Xiao up in their conversation.

Tong Xuelu was taken aback a little when she heard her suspicions.

“Are you saying that I look like the mother of Grandpa Wei’s comrade”

Shen Wanrong smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, the truth was I felt that you looked very familiar the first time we met.

I just couldn’t recall who you looked like.

It wasn’t until Zhuzhu’s grandfather brought him up this afternoon.

It reminded me of what you looked like.”

Tong Xuelu asked, seemingly casually, “Oh, that is pretty odd.

What is the surname of Grandpa Wei’s comrade”

Something crossed Tong Xuelu’s mind.

She had wondered whether Tong Daijin was really the son of Xie Jinhua.

Xie Jinhua was, after all, a very ugly woman.

And her two other sons were not much in the looks department either.

She had asked Tong Jiaming in the past, and Tong Jiaming told her that Tong Daijin looked like their grandfather.

Thus, she thought that it was a case of parents who didn’t care about their children, which was a problem even in modern days.

She had read plenty of stories about parents who had abused their children to the point that they needed amputations or were being forced to eat cat poop.

She had already given up on the idea that they weren’t related, but her suspicions returned to her full force now that Shen Wanrong had voiced it out.

She did not think Tong Daijun was the son of Comrade Xiao.

The man had, after all, never been wedded and had no children.

Tong Xuelu noticed that she had forgotten a very important character all along – Tong Daijun’s aunt.


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