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Chapter 222 - Tong Xuelu noticed that she had forgotten a very important character all along (1)

Edited by: Lulu

Wen Rugui and the others finally reached the capital city.

As soon as they arrived, they quickly learned that Jiang Huarong had been arrested.

When Jiang Danhong found out, she was so emotional that her body shook, and tears immediately streamed down her cheeks.

“There is a god after all!”

After Jiang Huarong was taken to the police station, evidence of him accepting bribes and abusing his power for personal gain was placed in front of him, allowing him no chance of denying his wrongdoings.

He had, however, adamantly denied ‘mistreating children of war heroes’ and ‘embezzling country properties’.

He knew very well that the worst that could happen to him was to be sent to reform at a farm for the first two crimes.

The other two, on the other hand, would definitely get him sentenced with the death penalty!

As such, he would never admit to those no matter what.

The arrival of Jiang Danhong, however, crushed any hope of getting out alive.

He was mortified when he saw Jiang Danhong entering the room where he was in.

His blood-filled eyes stared at her intensely.

Come to think about it, it had already been 15 years since he had last seen this niece of his, but as soon as he saw the pure hatred in her eyes, he recognized her immediately.

Glaring at Jiang Huarong, Jiang Danhong’s eyes could crack from the intensity of her look.

“Long time no see, Big Uncle.

Are you surprised to see me here”

Jiang Huarong recollected himself almost immediately and started acting, saying  emotionally, “Danhong, I’m so glad that you are back.

Can you please tell them that I had never mistreated you and your brother All these years, you would not still be alive had I not taken care of you.”

How shameless was that

Jiang Danhong spit on his face.

“You are a monster.

My little brother was just 3 years old then.

I can’t believe you were able to do that to him! And you have the audacity to ask for credit in front of me right now”

Jiang Huarong continued to deny any wrongdoings.

“Danhong, have you lost your mind Your brother died from severe flu back then.

How can you say that was my fault I was very sad about his passing as well.

He was, after all, your father’s only child!”

Jiang Danhong could not contain her hatred toward him.

“Monster, you are still lying even now.

You murdered my little brother, so you can benefit from being the family of war heroes.

Yet, you weren’t satisfied with that.

You even took away the dowry that my mother had left for me!”

“And many died by your hands during the land reform time, didn’t they Many had already agreed to hand over their properties and land to the authorities and permitted the country to redistribute them.

Even so, you still murdered them and hid their properties.

Yet, here you are denying that you had stolen the country’s properties”

It was a fact that many rich farmers were murdered during the land reform.

The land that they had owned and toiled was watered with their own blood.

Jiang Haurong had certainly contributed a lot to the murder of those lives.

Jiang Huarong’s hands tightened into fists, his veins appearing on the back of his hands and on his forehead.

“How dare you say such things! I have supported you all these years.

I might not have done the best job, but I did the best that I could.

I can’t believe you would turn around and accuse me so.

I never should have taken you in!”

Jiang Huarong pointed at Jiang Danhong and shouted loudly, looking enraged.

In truth, however, he was panicking inside.

He told himself that he must remain calm.

The cops had already searched his place twice and had yet to find anything.

As long as he denied it, there was nothing that Jiang Danhong could do to him.

It was all ‘he said, she said’!

Jiang Danhong snickered.

“Go ahead.

Keep on shouting.

This is going to be your last chance to shout.”

Having said that, Jiang Danhong turned toward Police Lin and said, “I know where he keeps my mother’s dowries.”

Police Lin’s eyes lit up.


Jiang Danhong gave Jiang Huarong a look.

The latter turned pale and shook like a withered leaf in autumn.

Jiang Danhong enjoyed seeing the fear in Jiang Huarong’s face.

Thus, she smiled and said, “Go inside my grandmother’s bedroom in the old family house.

There is a traditional-style old wooden bed there, and beneath it is a secret room.

I trust that you will find what you are looking for there.”

Jiang Huarong shuddered.

He stared intensely at Jiang Danhong, and his teeth clattered nonstop.

How did she find out about that

This- this is impossible!

Not even his wife knew about that hiding room.

His mother had only told him about it back then.

Police Lin had a pretty good idea of what they would find in that room when he saw the terrified face of Jiang Huarong.

It appeared that what they were looking for was, indeed, hidden in that secret room.


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