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Chapter 215 - Uncle Zong: I regret saying what I did.


Edited by: Lulu

Jiang Danhong snickered.

Her smile could not be any sadder.

“Heartless You monsters are talking to me about being heartless Are you kidding me”

Jiang Danhong’s mother-in-law became livid.

“Look, everyone.

Our Dai Yi saved her life and went above and beyond to marry her.

And, in the end, she called us monsters.

Oh, Lord.

I have never seen anyone this heartless!”

The villagers all criticized Jiang Danhong when they heard that.

But Jiang Danhong didn’t care about any of them or their opinions.

She shoved her little son, who was still grabbing onto her.

“Get away from me!”

Lin Yinbao stumbled backward and dropped onto his butt.

He started to bawl.

Jiang Danhong didn’t even look at him.

Instead, she turned to Wen Rugui and said with a blank look, “Let’s go.”

She did not want to stay another minute at this disgusting place.

Jiang Danhong’s mother-in-law was furious, and her heart ached when she saw her younger grandson pushed to the ground.

She quickly picked him up and shouted all sorts of profanity at Jiang Danhong.

Lin Jinbao was already 11 years old.

Seeing that his mother had pushed his little brother onto the ground and was adamant that she would not stay for them, his eyes filled with hatred.

“You tramp.

You will die a horrible death for leaving your husband and children!”

Jiang Danhong continued to look cold when she heard the curse from her son.

Pu Jianyi had very complicated feelings toward what was happening.

He worried that Jiang Danhong would have second thoughts about leaving with them, but he also felt that she was somewhat heartless for not caring about her children at all.

Wen Rugui, to one side, did not say anything all throughout.

Wen Rugui’s group returned to the county town and spent the night at the hostel.

His cousin-in-law invited him to stay over at his place, but Wen Rugui declined.

He asked his cousin-in-law to not tell his Grandpa that he had visited Beihe, and his cousin-in-law agreed.

He did, however, turn around and tell his wife about it.

Wen Rugui’s cousin immediately placed a call to the capital city, and Old Mr.

Wen found out that very same night that he visited Beihe.

Old Mr.

Wen was angry but also his heart ached for his grandson.

He immediately complained to Uncle Zong.

“He’s not listening to me again.

Does he not care about his own health at all”

Uncle Zong quickly comforted Old Mr.


“Rugui was doing it for Miss Young Grass.

We never know.

We might hear some good news before this year is over, so you shouldn’t let this bother you too much, Commander.”

Old Mr.

Wen felt that what Uncle Zong had said made a lot of sense.

It was the first time that Wen Rugui showed any interest in a girl.

At this rate, he just might have a granddaughter-in-law by the end of the year.

The more he thought about it, the happier Old Mr.

Wen became.

Thus, he yakked with Uncle Zong for most of the night.

Nearing midnight, Uncle Zong could barely keep his eyes open.

Uncle Zong: I regret saying what I did.


When Tong Xuelu got off work and walked out of the government-operated restaurant, she saw Mother Xiao waiting for her outside.

When she saw Tong Xuelu walking over, Mother Xiao immediately said solemnly, “I got the booklets and the fruit trees ready for you.

Give me your address, and I will have someone bring them over tomorrow.”

It had almost been half a month since Tong Xuelu had last seen Mother Xiao, and she had heard nothing from Mother Xiao this entire time.

Tong Xuelu had thought that Mother Xiao was not going to keep up on her end of the bargain.

There was not much that she could do if that was the case.

Pleasantly surprised, she gave Mother Xiao her address.

Mother Xiao noted down Tong Xuelu’s address, and before she turned to leave, she suddenly paused and spoke to Tong Xuelu, saying, “Now that Teacher Ma was already punished for her crimes, you should avoid crossing paths with that Jiang guy.”

Tong Xuelu frowned a little.

Was Mother Xiao concerned for her

The last time they met she was very haughty.

Tong Xuelu didn’t think that she would receive a thoughtful reminder from Mother Xiao this time.

Truthfully, she had nothing against Mother Xiao.

Now that Mother Xiao had reached out an olive branch, Tong Xuelu would respectfully return her with goodwill.

“Thank you, Aunty Ning.

I will keep that in mind.”

Like a peacock with its colorful feathers proudly displayed up in the air, Mother Xiao snickered and walked away.


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