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Chapter 21 - "She walked right passed you like you are a pile of s**t." (2)

Tong Xuelu was not surprised to see Fang Wenyuan there.

No matter what was his reason for being there, his trip would be in vain.

Fang Wenyuan watched her eating one little bite at a time, looked at his watch, and became more and more impatient.

He thought he could have this whole thing done in two minutes or less but 20 minutes had passed and she still was not done with her breakfast!

He would be late to his work at this rate.

“Can you eat faster”

Tong Xuelu lifted her brows and looked at him for the first time.

“Can you scram further away”

“! ! !”

Fang Wenyuan was so stunned that it took him a while to react to that.

When he finally recollected himself, his face turned beet red.

“Tong Xuelu, do you know what you are talking about Since when have you become such an unreasonable person”

Tong Xuelu snickered.

“Haven’t you always found me unreasonable Why are you asking me that now”

Her retort made his face long like an old cucumber.

“I don’t have time to fight with you.

I am here to ask you to not file a report on Tong Zhenzhen.

Have a conscience as a person.

The Tong family had raised you for 10 years, is that how you repay them”

Tong Mianmian was so startled that she turned pale and the egg slipped out of her hand and fell onto the ground.

Tong Xuelu picked Tong Mianmian up, put her on her lap, covered up her ears and said in a cold voice, “Who exactly are you, comrade What is our relationship and who are you to tell me what I should or should not do”

The other patrons looked over at Fang Wenyuan and started pointing at him while whispering to each other.

“I’m your…… it doesn’t matter.

You must listen to me on this one.

Go and cancel out your report with the police station right now!”

He was going to say that he was her fiancé but he recalled that he never acknowledged that relationship, ever.

Tong Xuelu looked at him as though she was looking at a fool.

“Have you looked into the mirror lately”


This girl is so funny.”

The others giggled around them and Fang Wenyuan looking more and more unhappy.

Tong Xuelu couldn’t be bothered to pay him any more attention.

Seeing that they were about done with the food, she picked up Tong Mianmian and was about to take off.

Her contemptuous look provoked Fang Wenyuan and made him lost his rationality for a split second there.

He reached out to grab her but accidentally bumped into the table.

All the plates and bowls from the table smashed onto the floor.

The scene was very chaotic all of a sudden.

The Fang family quickly received a call from the police station informing them that Fang Wenyuan had been arrested.

The Fang family, “ ”

Tong Xuelu, “ ”


Not only the Fang family, even Tong Xuelu was baffled.

All she did was shout out a “What are you trying to do” and, before she was even done with her sentence, the chef from the cafeteria came running out and tackled Fang Wenyuan onto the ground.

And the cops came shortly thereafter.

She even explained that that was not necessary but the chef thought she was worried about being revenged on and comforted her in return.

…… It was all a big joke.

At this moment in time, the Fang family members were leaving the police station accompanying Fang Wenyuan and all of their faces were the color of monkey butts.

Mother Fang held Tong Xuelu’s hand with a very appreciative look.

“Xuelu, it was our Wenyuan’s fault.

Aunty thank you for willing to put in good words for him.

Here’s something for you to show our appreciation.”

Having said that, she shoved the miscellaneous tickets and money into Tong Xuelu’s hand.

Tong Xuelu quickly pushed them back to her.

“Quickly put them away, Aunty.

I can’t possibly accept that.”

It was a misunderstanding but it was also a favor [that they owed her].

Naturally, she wouldn’t settle the scores so easily.


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