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Chapter 205 - She found out that an incident had taken place while she was gone.



She turned around and noticed two bags on the table.

She opened them up and found dates and dried persimmons inside.

Tong Xuelu couldn't help but shake her head and chuckle.

Wen Rugui had definitely left these behind.

But what was with this habit of his

Why did he always give her gifts stealthily Was he worried that she might not accept them

If it were true, he had really thought too much.

Of course, she wouldn’t turn him down.

She pulled out a dried persimmon the size of her palm.

It was dusted with a layer of sugar.

She took a bit and it was soft and sweet.

Sweetness spread in her mouth.

It was sweet but not overly so.

It made one want to take a second bite after the first.

Tong Xuelu squinted her eyes in satisfaction.

That was how she remembered dried persimmons tasted like when she was a child.

Tong Mianmian came pitter pattering over on his stubby little feet and drooled when she saw her Big Sister eating dried persimmons.

“What are you eating, Big Sister”

Tong Xuelu lowered her head and saw the little bun looking at her intensely.

Her red little lips was pinched shut but she was gulping secretly.

Tong Xuelu wanted to tease her.

“Big Sister is eating dried persimmons.”

The little bun stared at the dried persimmons in Tong Xuelu’s hand without blinking.

She was short of drooling.

“Is dried persimmons tasty”

Tong Xuelu nodded.

“Very tasty.

Soft and sweet.

It doesn’t get any better.”

Of everything that she had said, Tong Xuelu never mentioned giving Tong Mianmian one.

She even took a bite right in front of her.

Tong Mianmian twisted her little fingers and looked at Tong Xuelu there was desire in her big eyes.

“Can Mianmian take a whiff of it, Big Sister”


Tong Xuelu finally laughed out loud.

What kind of uber cuteness was this

Tong Mianmian was short of drooling but all she asked was to take a whiff of it

Tong Xuelu pulled one out from the bag and handed one over.

“You don’t need to take a whiff of it.

Here’s one for you.

But having too much dried persimmons is bad for you.

You can only have one.”

The little bun’s clear and black eyes teamed.

She took the dried persimmons from Tong Xuelu and said happily, “Ty, Big Sister.”

Taking a bite as she spoke, Tong Mianmian’s eyes lit up even more.

It surely was soft and sweet just like her sister had described it.

So delicious!

Tong Mianmian licked her lips and smiled so much in satisfaction that her eyes squinted.

Tong Xuelu ate two in a row and starting thinking about what she should make for Wen Rugui in return.

She suddenly recalled the chrysanthemum that her neighbor was growing.

They were booming recently.

If she could get some and dried them for tea, that ought to be good for the throat.

She poured out half of the dried persimmons and dates and put them in a paper bag.

“Big Sister is going to Grandma Shen’s, do you want to come with”

“Yes!” Tong Mianmian nodded repeatedly.

“But we don’t have any for Big Sister Zhuzhu.”

Tong Xuelu chuckled, “Oh we do.

These are for them.”

Finding out that Big Sister Zhuzhu would also have some, Tong Mianmian let relieved.


Not only did the Wei family let Tong Xuelu go and picked some chrysanthemums after they had received the dried persimmons, they even sent over two pots of chrysanthemums.

Tong Xuelu rinsed the chrysanthemums thoroughly and placed them somewhere airy to be dried.

She would steam them after they were dried and then dried them after afterward.

She would need to dry them for 7-8 days the second time.

Meaning that she would not be abel to give these chrysanthemums to Wen Rugui anytime soon.

When she was done with all those, Tong Xuelu was about to bring Tong Mianmian with her and head to the C**C for groceries.

She opened the door and saw a woman there with a little girl.

The woman seemed to have been started by the door opening and took a step back with the little girl in her hand.


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