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Chapter 196 - The dean left as awkward as he had come.


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The crowd was stunned again.

“Jinyuan, I thought you couldn’t stand Tong Xuelu in the past.

How are you two all chummy now”

Fang Jingyuan pouted and said, “Who said I couldn’t stand her in the past She was always spewing out annoying things before, which was why I always talked back to her.

But she has been much better and not like how she used to be.

Why else would she help me get such a nice hairstyle”

The original owner was also part of the Cultural Troupe in the past, but with her proud personality, she never got along with the others in the same troupe.

Everybody was surprised and curious when they heard what Fang Jingyuan had said.

“Did she really design the hairstyle for you, Jingyuan Do you think she will be willing to help me design one if I ask”

Fang Jingyuan remembered her promise and said, “I can put in a good word for you, but she can use some help right now.

If you help her some, it will be much easier to approach her for designing a hairstyle later.”

Hearing that, the others asked quickly, “What kind of help”

As such, Fang Jingyuan told the story of how Ma Mei picked on Tong Xuelu’s two brothers and encouraged the school to expel them.

Ma Mei was a very well-known person in the capital city as of late.

Even a three-year-old child knew of her, let alone those in the Cultural Troupe.

They were all enraged after hearing Fang Jingyuan recount the incident.

“That woman is too shameless!”


I’ll help.

Regardless of whether or not Tong Xuelu will help me design a hairstyle!”

“Me too!”

Fang Jingyuan was very impressed with Tong Xuelu when she saw that everyone chimed in that they wanted to help.

What she had just said was taught to her by Tong Xuelu.

Tong Xuelu had told her to say exactly what she just did and that if she did, the others would be willing to help.

Fang Jingyuan was skeptical at the time, but lo and behold, Tong Xuelu had nailed it!

She truly felt that Tong Xuelu had changed a lot and was completely different from how she used to be.

Hard at work, the other Fang’s family members also helped spread the word at their respective units.

When Chen Yueling caught wind of what was going on, she told her husband in private how the Fang family were helping Tong Xuelu, and after discussing, they, too, helped with spreading the word.

As such, words of City Nan Grade School siding with Ma Mei and expelling students unreasonably were spread.

Oh, the power of words!

Sometimes, words could be more powerful than real guns and bullets and could even kill one in private.

The principal caught wind of the rumor quickly and was so angry that he almost had a heart attack.

Ever since Ma Mei had been arrested, the school had only wished to wipe away all traces of Ma Mei ever being there and drew a clear line between them.

A rumor like this out of nowhere claiming that they were siding with Ma Mei could destroy them!

If words traveled up, even if they could keep their job, they would probably never be promoted again!

After many discussions, they finally came up with a solution – have Tong Jiaxin and Tong Jiaming return to school.

As long as the two returned to school, the rumor would have no legs to stand on.

As such, the principal sent the dean to visit the Tong’s place in person.

Cold sweats came pouring down the dean’s face when he received the assignment.

Recalling the sister of Tong Jiaming, he had a feeling that this assignment would not be an easy one.

Sure enough, he stumbled onto obstacles on his very first trip to the Tong’s.

Tong Xuelu did not look happy at all after he had expressed that they would allow Tong Jiaming and Tong Jiaxin back to school.

Quite the contrary, she said to him calmly, “Thank you for making a special trip over, Dean.

But I have already decided to bring my two brothers back to my hometown for their education.”

Cold sweats came pouring down from the dean again.

“Comrade Tong, you don’t really think the resources in your hometown are comparable to what we have in the capital city, do you No smart person would make that decision.”

Tong Xuelu curved her lips and snickered.

“You are right.

The educational resources in my hometown won’t measure up to those of the capital city, but at least the schools would be fair and would not hit their students for no reason.

Schools in my hometown would definitely not expel them for no apparent reasons.”

The dean, “……”

The dean left as awkward as he had come.


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