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Chapter 195 - The dean left as awkward as he had come.


Edited by Lulu

Fang Jingyuan did not immediately return home after she arrived back at the compound of the Logistic Department.

Instead, she headed over to the Tong’s first.

Chen Yueling was startled when she saw Fang Jingyuan.

“Is that you, Jingyuan Whatever happened to your hair”

Fang Jingyuan touched her hair proudly.

“I just got a haircut.

What do you think, Big Sister Yueling”

Chen Yueling studied her hair and her face for a little while and nodded.

“It’s pretty.

Prettier than how you used to have it.

I almost didn’t recognize you!”

Fang Jingyuan’s smile deepened when she heard that.

“Xuelu helped me design this.

I like it a lot as well!”

“Xuelu You’ve gone to visit Xuelu”

Chen Yueling’s eyes widened.

Fang Jingyuan nodded.

“Her two brothers were expelled from school, so I headed over to see if there was anything that I could help with.”

Chen Yueling’s face started to turn ugly when she heard that.

They were once Tong Xuelu’s closest family, but now that she was in trouble, nobody from the Tong family went to visit her.

She and her husband had wanted to go check on Tong Xuelu, but her mother-in-law wouldn’t allow them to.

Fang Jingyuan didn’t notice the look on Chen Yueling.

She handed over two bags of snacks and the money from Tong Xuelu and said to her, “Xuelu bought you some snacks, and here’s money from her.

She said this was what she had borrowed from you in the past.

Okay, I’ve dropped the items off.

I am going to get going now.”

Fang Jingyuan was in a rush to show her pretty hairdo to her family.

“Wait, Jingyuan, this is too much!”

Chen Yueling counted the money and noticed that it was over by 20 yuan.

They only gathered 80 yuan to give to Tong Xuelu when she took off.

“That has nothing to do with me.

Just pay her back later.”

Fang Jingyuan left without looking back.

With the snacks and money, Chen Yueling felt even more guilty.

When the Fang family members saw Fang Jingyuan’s hairdo, they reacted the same way as Chen Yueling.

They were all very surprised at the sudden change but also felt that the hairdo suited her very well.

After Mother Fang had learned that not only did Tong Xuelu not ask Fang Jingyuan for help but had her bring snacks back, she sighed and said, “I’ve always known that Xuelu was a good girl.

Had it not been for that incident, she might have been my daughter-in-law by now!”

Hearing their words from the couch, Fang Wenyuan’s lips twitched.

Fang Jingyuan pouted a little and said, “She’s alright.

But compared to how she was, she’s a little bit better now.

At least what was coming out of her mouth wasn’t as annoying as before.”

“Oh right.

Xuelu asked me to spread the word that her brothers were bullied by that teacher of theirs.

Since I have already promised her that I’d do that, you need to help me with that as well.”

Seeing how Tong Xuelu had helped her get such a nice hairdo, Fang Jingyuan would certainly do a good job of advertising for her!

Mother Fang said, “That poor girl.

We should help her out in whatever way that we can.

I’ll go and spread the word at my unit tomorrow.”

Father Fang was not the gossiping type, but he also felt that the school and the teacher were at fault in this case.

As such, he should help out as well.

Fang Wenyuan was the only one who didn’t say anything.

Fang Wenyuan did not let him off the hook.

“Big Brother, you must spread the word at your unit tomorrow as well.”

Fang Wenyuan acknowledged her with a grunt.

Fang Jingyuan was not reassured.

She leaned over and whispered to him, “Big Brother, you don’t need to worry that Xuelu will be stalking you again like she used to.

I’ve just confirmed it with her.

She said she thinks of you as dog poop!”

Fang Wenyuan, “…………”

The next day, when Fang Jingyuan headed to the Cultural Troupe, she was once again the center of attention.

Those in the Cultural Troupe chattered around her, asking her how she came up with the idea for her hairdo and where she had it done.

Thus, Fang Jingyuan mentioned Tong Xuelu.


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