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Chapter 191 - An unexpected guest.


Edited by Lulu

Tong Xuelu and her siblings arrived relatively early but many had already gathered around the square.

The square was packed in no time.

Ma Mei and Duan Wanfu had their arms tied and were placed in the middle of the square.

They both looked disheveled and aged by quite a few years.

A leader-like person walked up onto the stage and rang a gong to quiet down the audiences before he started announcing the charges of the two individuals:

“Ma Mei and Duan Wanfu are a teacher and a technician at a metal factory.

They had both turned their backs on the training and trust from our party.

They had committed hooliganism and their negative impact is far reaching!”

There was an uproar from the audiences.

Someone among the audiences suddenly shouted out, “Overturn the adulterers! Overturn illicit affairs!”

That quickly drawn a lot of agreements.

The crying become more and more excited and some even started throwing rocks at them.

Ma Mei and Duan Wanfu had blood on their heads in no time.

Tong Xuelu no longer wished to be there anymore.

Covering Tong Mianmian’s eyes, she made her way back out of the crowd with Tong Mianmian in tow.

When Me Mei looked up, she seemed to have seen the back of someone who looked like Tong Xuelu.

She suddenly recalled what Tong Xuelu had told her the other day in the alleyway.

“Your reputation will be ruined and you will be left with nothing.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks.


An unexpected guest showed up at the Tong’s the next day –– Fang Jingyuan.

Tong Xuelu lifted her brows when she saw Fang Jingyuan.

“Are you here looking for me”

Fang Jingyuan lifted her chin.

“What’s that look on you Can I not come looking for you”

Tong Xuelu shrugged and said, “Of course you can.”

Fang Jingyuan harrumphed and pushed her bicycle into their courtyard.

Leaning her bicycle against the wall, she looked around the courtyard and said, “Did you buy this place or is it a rental”

“It’s a rental”

Fang Jingyuan’s eyes lit up.

“Who did you rent it from How much is it”

Tong Xuelu showed her four fingers.

Fang Jingyuan’s eyes widened and she shouted out in surprise.

“40 yuan a month You don’t even make 40 yuan a month, do you”

Tong Xuelu rolled her eyes.

“I didn’t say it’s 40 yuan.

It’s four words – none of your business.”

Fang Jingyuan, “……”

Tong Xuelu led her toward the living room as she asked, “You didn’t just show up for no reason.

Go ahead.

What is it”

Following behind Tong Xuelu, Fang Jingyuan harrumphed and said, “You think I want to be here My mom had me come over.

She learned that your family ran into some problems of late and had me swung by to see if you need any help.”

Mother Fang

Tong Xuelu was a bit surprised.

“No, I am fine.

Thank your mom for me.”

Fang Jingyuan harrumphed through her nose again and twisted back and forth on the chair as she looked over at Tong Xuelu time and again.

Tong Xuelu placed a cup of tea in front of her and said, “There’s something else that you want to talk about”

Fang Jingyuan struggled for a little while before she started to talk.

“Didn’t you say last time that this hairstyle doesn’t fit me Then, what will be a good hairstyle for me”

Tong Xuelu had almost forgotten all about that.

“You wish to switch to a new hairstyle”

Fang Jingyuan blushed a little.

“I am just here to find out whether you had lied to me!”

Tong Xuelu felt that Fang Jingyuan’s uncomfortable look resembled how Tong Jiaxin was last night a lot.

Her lips curving up some, she said, “Your forehead is too high so it’s best that you have fringes.”

Fang Jingyuan was puzzled.


Tong Xuelu nodded, “That’s right.

And I am not talking about a thin layer.

I am talking about a thick layer.”

Fang Jingyuan couldn’t even begin to imagine that.

She had seen others around her having fringes.

All of them thin and short.

It was just a few strands of hair and did not look good at all.

Tong Xuelu looked at the sky and said, “Let’s go.

I’ll go with you to the salon.”

Fang Jingyuan was shocked, “Right now”

Tong Xuelu glanced over at her.

“Aren’t you here for a new hairstyle Or that you don’t trust me on this If you don’t trust me on this, you can go now.”

Looking at Tong Xuelu waiting for her to leave, Fang Jingyuan was so mad that she gritted her teeth.

She thought about it some and stomped her feet.

“Fine! Let’s go!”


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