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Chapter 189 - An unexpected guest.


Edited by Lulu

It was her!

The tramp Tong Xuelu was the one who set her up!

Ma Mei started screaming.

She wanted to struggle free and lung at Tong Xuelu.

“Tramp! I am going to kill you!”

She had yet to lung at Tong Xuelu when her arms were twisted by the cops and she was unable to move.

Like a trapped animal in a cage, she stared at Tong Xuelu with her beet red eyes.

Tong Xuelu blinked at her and mouthed to her –– Goodbye.


Ma Mei and her affair were brought to the cop station.

With all the ruckus going on outside, Da Ya, Duan Wanfu’s daughter, never woke up.

Tong Xuelu felt that something was off.

She entered a separate room along with the crowd and saw the girl very groggy and her face, just the size of a palm, pale after she was woken up by the others.

Tong Xuelu looked around and saw a lot of peanut shells next to the girl’s bed.

She had an idea.

Peanuts are something that many are allergic to.

Everyone’s reactions to them vary, from dizziness to inflammation of the skin.

To some, it was cold sweat or weakness in their limbs.

She suspected that the girl was very well allergic to peanuts and, Duan Wanfu, as the father of the child, very likely fed peanuts to the girl every time before his date so he would have time to spend with Ma Mei.

If that was the case, then the father Duan Wanfu was truly a monster!

That was merely her speculation, however.

She didn’t want to voice that unless she had more evidence.

Luckily the girl was fine in the past and it didn’t seem like anything would happen to her this time.

As Duan Wanfu was arrested and the girl’s mother was in the countryside.

The girl was taken away by the cops to care for until her mother could make her way back.

After the girl was taken away, the crowd continued to talk about the event.

Many of them scolded Ma Mei.

“That was so shameless.

She was a teacher and she ended up on some other man’s bed.

So shameless!”


How’s someone like that a teacher My son attends City Nan Grade School.

I worry that all the other teachers are the same as Ma Mei!”

“Now you have me worried too.

Can a child learn to be good with teachers like her”

Tong Xuelu left in content after she listened to the discussions.

Tong Jiaxin, who was in the back of the house, also ran out amidst the chaos.

After they walked out of the alleyway, Tong Jiaxin looked up at her and quickly lowered his head again.

He kicked a stone in front of him and looked at her awkwardly again.

Noticing his unusual behavior, Tong Xuelu said to him, “Whatever you have to say, just say it

Tong Jiaxin said in a low and deep voice, “You shouldn’t have shown you face.

Now that you were seen, what if Jiang Ming’s grandfather takes revenge against you”

Tong Xuelu frowned slightly.

“You are concerned about me now”

Tong Jiaxin’s face turned beet red.

He lifted his head and gave her a stare.

“No, I’m not.

I am not concerned about you.

I just… just feel that that was stupid of you!”

Tong Xuelu curved her lips.

“You can just say it if you are worried about me.

Stop feeling so awkward about that!”

Tong Jiaxin’s ears turned red entirely.


I said it wasn’t about you!”

Tong Xuelu almost busted out laughing.


If you say so.

I am not worry that they will revenge me.

That’s why I showed my face!”

First of all, she didn’t set Ma Mei up.

Ma Mei was the one in an affair, she didn’t knock Ma Mei out and placed her in the man’s bed.

Secondly, Ma Mei’s incident would brood tomorrow.

There wasn’t a lot of entertainment in this day and age and words on matters like this would spread very quickly.

By then, Jiang Ming’s grandfather would want to stay as far away from this as possible.

No way he would stick his neck out for a distant relative.

As for Ma Mei, regardless of whether she saw Tong Xuelu or not, she would have suspected her anyway.

As such, what was the point of hiding

She might as well just show her face and add fuel to the fire.

Tong Jiaxin felt relieved after he had heard that but he harrumphed and said, “That made no sense whatsoever!”

Tong Xuelu rolled her eyes, “Such a dishonest boy!”



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