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Chapter 182 - She could smell an affair from miles away~ (3)

Edited by Lulu

As Wen Rugui had the approval letters from the government, the Production Team quickly released their group.

Walking out with Zhong Shulan and the others from Chunlan Production Team, Wen Rugui took the bus with them all the way into town.

They did not return to Capital City right away but stayed at a hotel in town because Zhong Shulan’s father had fallen ill as soon as they had left the Production Team.

They had suffered a lot at the bullpen in the last few years.

They did not have enough to feed or clothe themselves.

They did the dirtiest and hardest of all work and had to go through a denunciation rally from time to time.

They had suffered greatly both physically and mentally.

Old Mr.

Zhong had been broken a long time ago, but he was just hanging in there for the sake of his daughter.

Once they had received the letter that they had been redeemed, what had kept him going was gone, and his health deteriorated very quickly.

Zhong Shulan was worried sick seeing that her father had fallen ill and quickly fell ill herself.

Having to take care of both her mother and her grandfather, Jiao Yunshi became haggard in no time.

Wen Rugui, worried that she, too, would fall ill, quickly took over the responsibilities of taking care of Old Mr.


With Wen Rugui’s help, Jiao Yunshi was finally able to take a breather.

“Thank you so much, Comrade Wen.

We should have returned to Capital City right away, but we didn’t think my grandfather and my mother would fall ill one after the other.

I apologize for all the troubles that we had caused you.”

Wen Rugui said nonchalantly, “Don’t mention it.

It is my responsibility to take care of you.”

His beloved professor had helped him a lot in his career in the physics field.

Had it not been for his professor, he would have given up on it a long time ago.

Jiao Yunshi changed the topic.

“How’s my father been Is he still in good health”

Wen Rugui nodded.

“Profession is still healthy.

He just misses you a lot.”

Jiao Yunshi’s eyes reddened.



We miss him a lot as well.”

Wen Rugui said, “I think Old Mr.

Zhong will be waking up shortly.

Let me head back inside.”

Jiao Yunshi paused a little and nodded.



Thank you so much, Comrade Wen.”

Wen Rugui said nothing else but turned and left.

Jiao Yunshi looked at his back and only headed back after a long while.

Two workers from the hotel started yakking after they were gone.

“That male comrade is very good looking but also too straight.

The female comrade was already crying, and he didn’t even try to comfort her.”

“Why did he need to comfort her The two of them were obviously not lovers.”

“Well, you are right about that too.

I thought they were a family when they showed up together.

I wonder if he has a girlfriend already.”

“What are you thinking You should stop with that fantasy of yours right now.

Even if he didn’t have a girlfriend, he wouldn’t pick you anyway.”

“What are you saying, huh”


Tong Xuelu did not follow Ma Mei immediately the next day after she had given her a beating.

She was a little worried that Ma Mei would report her.

In hindsight, beating up Ma Mei was an absolutely rash decision.

They had no backings or connections.

They were just a bunch of kids.

They would not be able to defend themselves at all should the other party decide to take revenge on them.

She was very envious of those female leads in novels that had cheats at times like this.

It was very annoying that she didn’t have so much as a dimension where she could store food.

And the timing wasn’t the greatest either.

This was now 1976.

The 10-year activity was already coming to a tail end and would be over in just a month or two.

A few years earlier, she would be able to take advantage of the situation and public opinion to report Ma Mei and the Jiang family.

In those years, teachers did not have very high status, and many teachers were denounced for very minor things.

But that was not the case anymore.

Never mind the Jiang family.

Being able to work their way up to become the Director of Education, their power and network were not something that just anyone could rock.

It was best for them to lurk until the perfect moment.


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