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Chapter 178 - Why would a woman do that to another woman (3)

Edited by Lulu

Shen Wanrong gave him a disgruntled look and said, “I’m talking about serious matters with you.

All you know is to eat!”

Wei Zhiguo quickly polished off two more buns before he spoke again.

“Just pretend that she didn’t say anything since she didn’t elaborate on it.

Just say yes if she asks us for help.”

Shen Wanrong was surprised when she heard that.

“I thought your motto has always been ‘stay out of things that don’t concern us’.

What changed”

“Of course, we should stay out of it if it’s white-eyed wolves we are talking about.

But this girl is a decent one, and she is worth helping.”

She had borrowed 5 jin of flour from the Wei’s last time but brought back 6.

She didn’t say anything about that.

Had he not noticed that something was off and went to weigh it, he would never have found out.

One jin of flour didn’t cost much, but one’s character showed through from small things like that.

Shen Wanrong had always been fond of Tong Xuelu.

She smiled and said, “Since you’ve said that, you can’t say that I am meddling later on.”

Wei Zhiguo picked up a bun and fed it to her.

Showing his white teeth, he said, “When have I ever said that when you wanted to do something”

Shen Wanrong gave him a glance and was full of smiles.

When Tong Mianmian saw the injuries on her two brothers when she got home, she was so scared that tears welled up in her eyes.

Tong Jiaming quickly comforted her.

“Big Brother fell when he was walking.

They don’t hurt.”

The little bun had no idea that what he said was a white lie and believed it when her brothers smiled at her.

She even blew at her brothers’ wounds thoughtfully.

“Blow, and the pain is gone.”

Tong Jiaxin was ticklish and giggled when Tong Mianmian blew on him.

Watching the three siblings having fun with each other, Tong Xuelu had a different feeling for the first time.

In the past, she had only returned to them for a place to stay and to get a job that their parents left behind, since she wasn’t able to get a job on her own in this era.

Raising the three bosses was just something she did on the side.

But now, she didn’t just want to raise them.

She wanted them to be a real family.


The next day, Tong Xuelu went to do her research outside of the school.

She had figured out the path that Ma Mei took to and from school.

Su Xiuying, too, had gotten back to her.

Indeed, this was something to do with the He family.

Big Sister He’s second daughter was the girlfriend of the youngest son of the Jiang family.

The He family was unhappy that He Baogen and his mother had been reported to the police.

The Jiang’s youngest son, to appease his girlfriend, told this to his family.

He didn’t avoid the children when he talked, so Jiang Ming started bullying Tong Jiaxin at school after he learned of the incident.

Me Mei was only able to be arrogant at school because she had the Jiang family behind her.

She had always been their minion.

For the sake of appeasing the Jiang family, she had been picking on Tong Jiaxin left and right.

Granted, Ma Mei had never been a good bird, and her exerting corporal punishment on students was a regular occurrence.

Su Xiuying apologized to Tong Xuelu repeatedly, and she deeply regretted what had happened.

If the Jiang family would target Tong Xuelu, then they would definitely not leave her and her family alone.

Tong Xuelu did not comfort her this time.

Wen Rugui had no idea about what was going on with Tong Xuelu.

He was on the train for 2 days and nights before he finally arrived at some city in the northwest.

He then transferred buses a few times before he arrived at the Chunlin Production Brigade and met the person he was there to pick up at the bullpen – the wife, daughter, and the in-law family of the Director of the Institute of Mechanics.

Jiao Boshan, the Director of the Institute of Mechanics, was his respected teacher and also the person who brought him into physics.

It should have been his teacher who came to pick them up himself, but with his special background, he had yet to be allowed to travel freely in and out of the base.

As such, Wen Rugui had come on his behalf.

Zhong Shulan, the wife of Jiao Boshan, started crying uncontrollably when she saw someone there to pick them up.


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