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Chapter 171 - He couldn’t.

He refused to let the others have the satisfaction! (3)

Edited by Lulu

He acknowledged her and went over to the living room carrying with him two bowls of noodles.

Tong Jiaxin happened to come out of his room when Tong Jiaming walked past it.

His eyes beamed when he saw the scallion noodles.

He forgot about the awkwardness instantly and asked happily, “Did you make this, Second Brother How did you know that I was craving scallion noodles”

Tong Jiaming gave him a look and said, “I didn’t make them.

She did.

She asked me what you liked last night, and I told her that scallion noodles is your favorite dish.”

Tong Jiaxin’s eyes widened as though he couldn’t understand it or that he didn’t believe it.

Tong Jiaming didn’t say anything else.

Instead, he walked over to the living room carrying the noodles with him.

Tong Jiaxin stood at the same spot for quite a while before he went over to wash up in the yard.

While he was brushing his teeth, he would look over from time to time in the direction of the kitchen.

As soon as she spotted Tong Xuelu, he would immediately lower his head like some sort of small animal.

Tong Xuelu figured that he would feel awkward, so she didn’t eat in the living room.

Instead, she just finished her share in the kitchen before she headed over to wake Tong Mianmian up.

Tong Jiaxin was worried that it would be awkward when he ran into Tong Xuelu, but he never saw her before he left for school.

He couldn’t say why, but he felt a hint of disappointment and sadness.


Tong Xuelu brought Tong Mianmian to the Wei’s house and repaid the Wei family the flour that she had gotten from the C**C the night before.

Recalling the Dacron that was given to her by Wen Rugui, she asked, “Oh right, Grandma Shen.

Do you know anyone who knows how to make clothes”

Shen Wanrong asked, “What’s the matter You want to have some clothes made”

Tong Xuelu nodded.

“Yes, I have a piece of Dacron fiber, and I would like to turn it into a skirt.

I don’t know how to sew though.”

Small businesses were not allowed back then, and anyone who wanted clothes would have to buy them from a department store or make them themselves.

Some tailors would accept jobs under the table, but one would need to be referred.

Shen Wanrong smiled and said, “Then you’ve asked the right person.

I made all the clothes in my family.”

Tong Xuelu’s eyes lit up.

“Is that true Grandma Shen is so skillful.

I thought you bought all of your clothes from department stores!”

Shen Wanrong’s smile deepened.

“I made them all myself.

I have a sewing machine at home.

Bring your fabric over, and I’ll make it for you.”

“Thank you, Grandma Shen, but I have to work.

So I won’t be able to come over until the evening."

The work at a government-operated restaurant was cozy, but the problem was that one would need to work 365 days a year with no time off except over the new year.

Shen Wanrong smiled and said, “That’s fine.

Just come by after work.”

Tong Xuelu thanked her again before she said goodbye to Tong Mianmian and headed to work.

Tong Jiaming worried about Tong Jiaxin at school and was distracted quite a few times in class.

He was even called out by their teacher.

He rushed over to the lower grades’ area the first thing after his class was over.

He did not head straight to Tong Jiaxin’s class but asked around there.

It was difficult to find out what had happened.

Those who knew Tong Jiaxin had no idea what had happened, and those who didn’t know him all the more had no idea what had happened.

Tong Jiaming asked a few people, but none of them knew anything.

The break between classes was not long, so he couldn’t spend too much time there.

He planned to head to the bathroom before heading back to class.

However, as he walked past the bathroom, he heard noises coming from behind the bathroom.

“Tong Jiaxin, you coward.

Didn’t you say you were going to tell the teachers How come you didn’t go yet, huh”

“Because he was a coward, of course.

If he dares to go, I’ll eat the poops from the bathroom!”

“Hahaha…… you are so disgusting! But that reminded me, go get some poop from the bathroom.

I want to make him eat them!”


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