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Chapter 170 - He couldn’t.

He refused to let the others have the satisfaction! (2)

Edited by Lulu

Tong Xuelu nodded and got up to get ready to heat up water for bathing when she heard Tong Jiaming asking, “Aren’t you upset”

Tong Xuelu said in a very green tea way, “No, not at all.

Both of you are my brothers, and I returned to protect you two.”

Tong Jiaming felt like his heart was pinched, and it gave a swelling and tingling sensation.

He lowered his eyes and said no more.

Tong Xuelu curved her red lips.

“Oh right.

What is Jiaxin’s favorite food”

Tong Jiaming hadn’t expected that question.

He paused for a little and said, “Jiaxin likes meat and scallion noodles.”

Truth was, Tong Jiaxin’s favorite was the scallion noodles that their mother made.

But they would never be able to have that again.

Tong Xuelu nodded, turned, and went to bathe.

All the way until bedtime, Tong Jiaxin never came out again.

Tong Xuelu got up an hour earlier than usual the next day to cook.

She planned to make Tong Jiaxin, the naughty child, scallion noodles.

Tong Xuelu had a girlfriend in her previous life who was pretty, born to a good family, and had a harmonious family.

Nevertheless, she had always been insecure.

She didn’t understand that before, but she found out later on that she was the second child at home and had never gotten a lot of attention from her family since childhood.

Her Big Brother was the first child in the family.

He received the most attention and was well loved.

Her Little Sister was younger than her and was her parents’ last child.

She was delicate and cute, and their parents doted on her a lot.

As the second child, she was right in the middle and was always the one least noticed.

She felt that Tong Jiaxin probably felt the same way, so she intended to give him some tender loving care today.

Tong Xuelu poured the flour into a tub, added some salt to it, rolled it into a dough with cold water, and put a cloth over it for it to rise.

The trick of scallion noodles was the scallion oil.

She rinsed the scallions, chopped them up into strips, and diced the green onions.

She then julienned the cucumber that she had brought home from the government-operated restaurant yesterday.

She added oil to the cold pan and added the scallions inside when the oil was heated up.

When the scallions turned golden brown, she added soy sauce, salt, and a tablespoon of table sugar, mixing them all up afterward.

The aroma could be detected shortly after that.

After she had scooped out the scallions once they had changed colors, the scallion oil was ready.

The dough, too, was done rising by then.

She pulled them into noodles, cooked them in a pot, and rinsed them with cold water after they were done.

Tong Jiaming and others woke up at the same time when the noodles were ready.

Tong Jiaxin was no longer upset by the time he had woken up.

Quite the contrary, he regretted being upset last night.

That being said, he was able to bring himself to apologize.

He peeked over at Tong Jiaming but quickly turned and pretended that he was looking at the ceiling when Tong Jiaming looked over.

Tong Jiaming said, “Hurry up and get ready for breakfast.”

Tong Jiaxin said nothing.

Tong Jiaming did not scold him.

He turned and walked away.

After Tong Jiaming had walked out, Tong Jiaxin finally sat up, scratched his head in distress, and made his hair look like a chicken coop.

Tong Jiaming immediately smelled an invasive aroma coming from the kitchen when he walked out of the room.

It smelled a lot like scallion oil.

Remembering what Tong Xuelu had asked him the night before, he had an idea, and he hurried over to the kitchen.

The closer he was to the kitchen, the stronger the aroma, and his stomach started to growl.

Tong Xuelu looked up and saw him heading over.

“Good, you are here.

Scallion noodles are done.

Bring it with you and eat it in the living room.”

Looking at the scallion noodles giving out its aroma, Tong Jiaming felt that swelling feeling in his heart from the last night all over again.


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