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Chapter 162 - “Don’t worry, Big Sister.

Mianmian will be a very good girl.” (4)

Edited by Lulu

When she arrived at the government-operated restaurant, Liu Dongchang had yet to get there to unlock the door.

Tan Xiaoyan, however, was exceptionally early today and had on a set of new clothes.

What was even more odd was that she didn’t turn her nose toward the sky when she saw Tong Xuelu but walked over to her with a smile.

“Oh hi, Xuelu.

You are here.”


With that affectionate referral, Tong Xuelu didn’t have to be super smart to know that she was up to something.

She nodded without giving anything away.


Tan Xiaoyan didn’t care that Tong Xuelu was being distant.

She walked over to Tong Xuelu and asked in a soft voice, “Xuelu, was that man here to pick you up yesterday your boyfriend”

Oh mi.

She was lovestruck.

Tong Xuelu shook her head.


He’s just a friend.”

Tan Xiaoyan’s eyes lit up right away.

“Does he have a girlfriend then”


Tan Xiaoyan smiled like a flower.

“Xuelu, I am quite fond of your friend.

Do you think you can introduce us”

Tong Xuelu turned to look at her.

Her brows lifted a little.

“You want to be his girlfriend”

Tan Xiaoyan twisted a little and said shyly, “Oh, don’t be so blunt!”

Tong Xuelu found Tan Xiaoyan’s affectation difficult to look at and quickly looked away.

“I don’t think that will work.”

Looking displeased, Tan Xiaoyan’s eyes widened, and she asked, “And why not Is it because you want to date him yourself”

Tong Xuelu rolled her eyes and said, “No.

I said that because you are older than him, and you two are not right for each other.”

Tan Xiaoyan was startled.

“No way.

He looked to be 24 or 25.

I’m 20 years old.

Are you telling me that he’s not even 20”

Tong Xuelu, “…………”

These two have one thing in common.

Both of them looked much older than their age.

Tong Xuelu looked her up and down and said, “You are just 20 I thought you were already 30.

When I heard that you don’t have a boyfriend, I thought you intended to remain single for life.

You are a lot younger than I had initially thought.”


Tan Xiaoyan was so angry that her nose was crooked.

She only wished to go up and tear Tong Xuelu’s mouth apart.

Nevertheless, she wanted Tong Xuelu to set her up, so she decided to overlook that.

“You have bad eyes.

I’m not even 20 yet.

I don’t think I am older than him.”

Tong Xuelu sighed and said, “Unfortunately, you are older than him.

My friend is just 15.

If we are to talk about generations, he should be referring to me as aunty.”


Tan Xiaoyan’s mouth dropped open as though she had been struck by thunder.

That man looked to be at least 24-25.

How could he only be 15

He didn’t look that young at all!!!

Seeing the stunned look on Tan Xiaoyan, Tong Xuelu turned and grinned.

She was professional when it came to bluffing.

Tan Xiaoyan had good taste and picked Xiao Chengping right away.

Point was, there was no way that Xiao Chengping would pick her.

Xiao Chengping wasn’t the most handsome, but he was the son of the head of the General Logistics Department.

His family status was even higher than the other Tong family’s.

Someone like him couldn’t even pick his own spouse.

Liu Dongchang came shortly after to unlock the restaurant, and Tong Xuelu did not engage with Tan Xiaoyan anymore.

She went inside to clean up her own area.

In the compound of the General Logistics Department.

Sitting on the couch, Xiao Chengping said with a long face, “Mom, why do you need to go look for Aunty Tong Xuelu is not her daughter anymore.

What do you need to talk to her about”

Mother Xiao didn’t look any happier.

“If you know that she is no longer the daughter of the Tong family, then you should know that she is no longer a good match for you.

She is not good enough for our family.

Why did you still offer to give her money What were you thinking”

Xiao Chengping’s face turned beet red.

“I wasn’t thinking about anything! I just feel bad for her.

Besides, I didn’t just offer her the money.

I am lending it to her.

Also, she didn’t even take it!”

Mother Xiao harrumphed.

“She still has half a brain then.

I don’t care what you are trying to do, but you keep this in mind for me.

I don’t care who you like, anyone but Tong Xuelu!”

Xiao Chengping stood up abruptly and started walking out.

Mother Xiao chased after him, angered.

“You brat, what is with that attitude of yours!”

Xiao Chengping ignored her and went out the door.

Mother Xiao, sitting on the couch, patted herself on her chest from anger.

She didn’t even like Tong Xuelu when she was the Tong’s daughter.

She was unruly and capricious.

A girl who would chase after Fang Wenyuan day in and day out.

Had she no shame

Her daughter-in-law must be virtuous, dignified, and generous.

Not to mention that Tong Xuelu was no longer a daughter of the Tong’s.

She was now even a worse match for the Xiao family.

She could not let her have anything to do with Xiao Chengping no matter what!

The more she thought about it, the more worried she got.

She placed a call to her unit, took the day off, grabbed her purse, and hurried out the door.


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